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Atlas avatar 5:42 PM on 10.25.2011  (server time)
Why Skyrim is better than Zelda: Skyward Sword

With the extreme similarities between Skyrim and Zelda, we are forced to compare them. They are nearly identical competitors, with nearly identical gameplay... Very easy to directly compare to each other! Kind of like Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, but even closer alike. So, having seen trailers for both Skyrim and Zelda, and having noticed how the titles both have "Sky" in them, I am forced to conclude they are both about the same thing: the sky.

Graphics: The Xbox 360 being a graphical powerhouse, Skyrim wins hands down. Everything has such intricate detail. Zelda is crude in comparison. It has many flaws, namely low resolution and a directionless art style. This is partly because of the Wii, because it is not next-gen like the X360 is. Especially with graphics.

Sound/Music: You know, I'm not really sure if Zelda has voice actors yet, but they would probably be underwhelming and the dialogue would be poorly localized at best.This is a Japanese game made with third-world flaws inherent to the asian countries. Skyrim, on the other hand, has over 100,000 lines of expertly delivered dialogue by a multitude of voice actors.

Fun Fact: Did you know Nintendo was founded in 1898? They initially produced fabric.

Controls: The Wii falls short yet again with its gimmicky motion control scheme, underdeveloped and underutilized. I mean, its basically two controllers broken in half and cobbled together by a handful of 100 year old POWs from WW2 that were never released. But the X360 controller... such a wonder of invention... built to fit the hand perfectly, amazing ergonomics, and a tight D-pad for superior controls. Skyrim is easy on the hands, which will be important since it has over 1000 hours of gameplay content.

Gameplay: When I spoke with Skyrims' project manager Todd McFarlane, he told me to be amazed. And amazed I was. Hundreds of unique dungeons scattered across the land, fluid combat, virtually no load times.. It was so immersive I felt like I was in the game. In contrast, Zelda just feels clunky, boring, and old. Outdated dungeon designs feel like it is 1986 again. Customization is almost nil. I am left disappointed.

Overall: Skyrim looks to be the game of the year, hands down. It will grab you like no other game. But Zelda, well, I think we will all walk away just feeling groped. I hope the inevitable low Zelda sales will show Nintendo it needs to change to survive, but don't count on that. As the leading console of our generation the X360 will continue to show why it is the best-selling, highest-rated console of all time.

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