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Atlas avatar 8:44 PM on 10.28.2011  (server time)
The Jim Sterling effect (Jim Sterling)

I gathered some data and analyzed it, my results being quite amazing. "The Jim Sterling effect" as you may know it multiplies blog excellence. But now, you can rest quite assured that there is some serious science behind this fact.

I went backwards through the C-Blogs, through months of C-Blogs, and took note of every C-Blog with the title including "Jim Sterling", and compared the comment average of those with the average comments on a non-Sterling C-Blog. The Non-Sterling C-Blogs I used were the 29 on the C-Blog front page that did not have "Jim Sterling" in the subject. I did that at 5:29 PM Pacific time.

I have 5 blogs with Jim mentioned in the title, and have also found the average comments for those. These blogs have used "The Jim Sterling effect" to great success.

The average non-Jim blogs have 6.2 comments, and the average Jim Sterling is wrong and fat and stupid and a troll blog have 30.4 comments.

You see? The Jim Sterling effect increases comment making by 490%. It multiplies a blogs excellence by many factors, even if the blog is just a flaming pile of dog shit. Your success as a videogame blogger can be greatly improved by these simple, easy-to-absorb tips.

TIP 1 Insist that Jim Sterling has no merit as a journalist. Dismiss his attempts at humour as traffic whoring. Tell everybody why he is always wrong, in the most hateful way possible.

TIP 2 Tell everybody Jim Sterling is fat. This one is a classic, and it immediately validates your blog as a pillar of solid journalism, and destroys any argument Jim can mount. You might even get a job at Kotaku or something.

TIP 3 Call Jim a cunt. Using insults in his own, native language makes you look trendy and contemporary.

Tip 4 Tell everybody Jim Sterling is fat. We need to remind people of this, body mass index is an important factor to the integrity of journalists. Once people notice this they will be giddy with excitement and you will become an internet rockstar.

TIP 5 Make sure your content actually focuses on attacking Mr. Sterlings' character, and not his actual arguments. Be absolutely sure that your blog subject includes JIM STERLING multiple times, in a variation of caps or lowercase. Caps work better.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your blog has now gained almost FIVE times more exposure than it would have, will gain many comments, and a few faps. Remember, that 490% is your percent, just include Jim Sterling in your title. Have confidence my friends, control of the internet is in your hands.


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