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Atlas avatar 10:00 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
Mr. Destructoid Gets Crucified and 10 Reasons to Love Me

So basically I said "Mikey plz draw Mr. Destructoid getting crucified k thnx" and then he said something and I said something and then this happened. You're welcome for the video -- took me a couple of hours to put it together!


1. I work at a grocery store. Been there a year and a half. To tell you the truth I actually think I made a shitty blog about it. Sorry for that even if the apology is a year too late.

Scratch that. Sorry for almost all my blogs, especially the old ones.

Look at my art. Watch for Art Attack Atlas featuring on a Friday when Destructoid gives in to my love.

Haha, it is even funnier now that Reaprar is DEAD! Or something like that

Classy duplicate of a Destructoid Friday art feature

Another classy duplicate of a Destructoid Friday art feature

2. I like Western RPGs since they are open ended and don't have forced crappy turn based systems in them and random battles.

3. I have been with Destructoid for a year and a half now. This place rocks. So far I have been promoted to the front page, won some sweet loot (2.66 GHZ Quadcore FTW), and generally improved my blogging skillz. I seriously sucked at life reading my early blogs. Probably still do and will realize it in another year.

4. I was on the top ten at IGN blogs. I think I was fourth or something but then I got banned for posting something about creating explosive powder. I mostly spammed my way to the top.

5. I found Destructoid through Chad Concelmo's IGN blog. He basically got hired here and I eventually made an account 8 months later.

6. I sent a letter of apology to Brad Nicholson. I hijacked his computer browser (rickroll) with the "Dtoid Canada" schtick and he lost an article; I felt bad. I basically sold Hamza Dtoid Canada ( for a single STFUAJPG t-shirt but he still hasn't replied to me.... where art thou Hamza?

6 and a half. I miss Heretic and Reaprar, trolling Whiteboy and Wiisucks. Destructoid is changing but some days I wish we could have these guys back. Trolls were trolls but they injected something into this site for me. Times do change, don't they?

7. Did I tell you Destructoid is awesome?

8. So basically I played Bioshock and Destructoid had less than 8000 members back then (compared to the 30 some thousand now!) and so I got the name Atlas. Also I got the name Frank Fontaine but the internet laws prohibit me from using it. I spawned a crappy meme and spoiled Bioshock for upwards of a hundred people and that is a conservative estimate. I mean hey -- Atlas is Fontaine and all of Destructoid knows it. But no worries, the whole "would you kindly" thing was far more significant. As you can see now I tampered with my longtime avatar of atlas for a "Mr. Dtoid Atlas". I hope you like it.

9. I really hope I am a valued member of the community. I have stuck with Dtoid and I think I will stay for years to come. I don't even know if I could leave if I wanted to...

10. Unless that bastard Fontaine is involved.

So anyways I know I have missed a lot in this blog but it was a real fun ride being here at Destructoid.

Would you kindly head to Ryan's office and kill the son of a bitch?

More of my art or art otherwise related to me.

Amazing entry to my contest by Lemon. Won Spore for iPhone. Still no reply from him if he has played it yet

Dtoider Angusm drew this inspired by my idea. He is now MIA

Stop, would you kindly

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