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Atlas avatar 4:21 PM on 03.18.2010  (server time)
Happy Fortieth Birthday Destructoid

I can't believe it has been forty years since Niero created Destructoid. After all these years it has remained awesome, only a little less so when Niero disappeared in the Brazilian jungle seventeen years ago. But we carry on, and with forty years worth of memories.

Nex begged to come back. His request was denied. Robert Summa came back, got a permaban. He came back again anyways.

Hamza remains steadfast. Neither showering nor shaving for years at a time, he truly is a capable webmaster. We salute you.

Unfortunately, over time we have lost some fine members of the community. Brad Nicholson got crushed under thirty men at the bottom of a human pyramid. Chad Concelmo was consumed by a pod of killer dolphins. And poor Electro Lemon....

Hmmm. Necros? He found Allah.

And Jim Sterling? He decided to kill the trolls by reducing the amount of insults they could throw at him tenfold. He still thinks his body is shit-hot, however.

Yeah, it really was a crazy forty years. But the memories last a lifetime.

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