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2:29 AM on 10.25.2009 // Atlas
Destructoid Burnout (too much of a good thing?)

So.... six months since my last blog post. I can recall doing this once or twice before. I get real into Destructoid, so much that I write blog after blog like I'm getting paid for it. I make tons of comments. Read all the news stories and blogs. I spend every waking hour in front of the computer browsing Destructoid. And then...... I crash.

I stop blogging. Stop commenting. Stop visiting the site altogether. Usually this is accompanied by a lack of interest in any games. I only started playing games a few weeks ago after six months. That is probably the reason I am here. It would seem I lose interest in Destructoid when I burn out on games.

It seems like a vicious cycle. I go strong for maybe a month, sometimes a couple, then I have a long period of dormancy. Is this usual for people who have been here for years or am I just a weirdo? It would seem to me that the site is lacking quite a few regulars I remember, has tons of new people and features (that need to be explained to me... leaderboards anyone?), and that poor soul Ron Workman has been reduced to banality on some backwater quasi-blog.

Workman: A man or a myth?

So..... can there be such a thing as too much of Destructoid?
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