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Atlandis avatar 2:32 PM on 05.18.2008  (server time)
XBOX360 faults and a big disappointment

Dear Gamers,

This is another story of Microsoftís disappointed customer. At this point I live in Greece and this story is about Eastern EU repair center.
I posted my xbox360 at 15/4/08 to the eastern repair center (Czech Republic) because of a faulty dvd rom, as it destroyed a brand new game I bought recently (Skate) and also it couldnít recognize xbox360 titles (A known problem that you got to open and close the tray several times to make it happen).

*A notice. Microsoft will never accept that their faulty machine destroys cdís as well.

I received my xbox360 back ďrepairedĒ? Who knows, at 2/5/08.

*A notice that this was the 3rd time I repaired this device, so I had to post my power adapter as well.

After I opened the packet I noticed that they forgot to place into the box my power adapter so I called them at once to post it for me.
You canít buy separately power adapter, so I had to wait for it!

They said they did. But 15 days now and still nothing! I received a plain e-mail the first day of the order that these parts posted at 5/5/08 with DHL service, but I didnít have any tracking number or any information to check its progress.

After several calls in Xbox360 customer support they told me, this service is simple postage and has nothing to do with express service! So the only option I got is to wait up to 10 working days for it.
Also some representatives are extraordinary rude! The answer I received from a customer support representative in a question I made (What happens if it lost! As its simple postage and itís already delayed 3 days!), she said I have to call them back after some time and order another one, so I will have to wait another 10-15 days! Just like that.

I send a letter about this matter in Microsoft UK asking them to help me on this matter and an extension to my guarantee 15-30 days, depends when I am going to receive my power adapter and the answer I received (probably an automatic email) was: Please be specific with your problem. !!!!

I am not going to call them back again if I donít receive my power adapter next week (after all this delay...)
But will report them in EU customer protection service.

I am writing all this for the old and new users of Xbox 360 product.
What to expect from them and what we get from them. They donít respect their customers.

Itís their fault for this faulty machine and they donít support! In the other hand, a nice trick to delay parts so heavy users go and buy another machine as well. (Nice aggressive marketing trick). Regarding the sales on Xbox product lately in Europe!

And the only thing they can earn from us is to turn our back on them

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