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1:16 PM on 06.09.2008

Star Wars - Force Unleashed part 1

The idea to open this blog is to get as many information I can about Star wars-The force unleashed.
The idea for me to buy Wii from the first place was mainly star wars series, as Lucas always gives their best for Nintendo all this years and some nice and fun Nintendo games. Also the new controller type gives you the feel and movement in your hands and body to move your character, etc. And it’s a kind of unique feel and extra fun that Nintendo pointed there and they made it!
Playing this game with Wii controller I believe is going to be MUCH more fun and realistic than any other console or controller type. But the pure hardware in front its competitors it will be hard as it’s not a Wii exclusive.

I have xbox360 and Wii and I am thinking about pre-ordering the game. But I don’t know which platform.

Shall I choose the best graphics? (And faulty hardware)

Shall I choose the best controller and feel?
More question coming on my mind after this 2 basics.

1st Xbox is SO sensitive and faulty about.. And scares me to hell while you play to explode (overheat) or something, the force will explode the machine in front your eyes (lol). That’s terrorism that Microsoft created to us! (Gamers)

2nd There is rumors about Microsoft buying copyrights from Nintendo and create a similar controller? Is that true? (Code name Newton) I have a web link about this matter but I find it stupid after all, Nintendo to give copyrights to Microsoft (lol). Something that gave wings to Wii!! And it’s No1.


Some posts from Nintendo and Lucas
"The Wii is a great platform for The Force Unleashed, because the console's motion-oriented controllers really bring the game to life," said Jim Ward, President of LucasArts. "We've worked hard to make the Wii version of the game unique in order to truly let you unleash the Force"

"The Wii version, in development by Krome Studios, will also add an exclusive duel mode in which players can compete head-to-head with their friends to determine the ultimate Jedi Master"

Some posts from other websites, want wiimote for xbox (lol)

"The Newton controller is going to have to small LED transmitters in a bar that you place next to your TV to triangulate the position of the remote by the LED sensor on the controller. The Big Button controllers that come with Sceen It! use an LED receiver that plugs into the USB ports. They also better get around to making a Xbox brand USB hub. Some of the original designs of the Xbox 360 had four USB ports in front and with all the Xbox accessories that use the USB ports would benefit from more available ports.

By making this controller Microsoft will be able to take away an exclusive feature that makes people want to buy a Nintendo Wii for around the cost of a standard wireless controller. If they bring an external Blu-Ray movie player they would take away one of the biggest reasons why current or potential Xbox owners would want to get a Playstation 3.

This controller would allow game developers to port Wii games to the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade platforms. I would love to see games like Zak and Wiki on Xbox 360. Heck I would pay real money for graphical adventure games on Xbox Live Arcade. "   read

12:12 PM on 06.08.2008

XBOX360 faults and a big disappointment Vol.2 photo material included

Dear gamers,
Need to know what will happen to you if you buy xbox360 and as Microsoft says, you have 16% to buy a faulty machine? Read the following and see what you will get from it...Owned...

That’s the 2nd part of my story, about the matter started after my xbox360 start making crazy things and the whole story about the eastern repair center. *read Vol.1
I send a complaint recently to them (Xbox customer support in UK) and the answer was unpredictable. After 3 weeks of time I received an automatic reply from the system.

“Thank you for the time spent in writing this email. Due to the complex nature of your query we are unable to resolve via email. Please call Xbox Customer Support so a representative can assist you.
Kind Regards,
Xbox Support “

Dear Xbox customer support,
Regarding my issue about my a/c adapter is being resolved. I received it a few days ago and in a total of almost 40 days of waiting (overall with my xbox360 repair and return of my a/c adapter).
I need to express my deep disappointment for the Eastern Europe xbox360 customer support and repair center. I felt like they playing with us (gamers), as I never seen anything like it. They should support or at least react a bit faster and gentle in cases like this. As it was their fault that I had my xbox360 repaired on time but without my parts to use it.
It’s the second time I had bad experience with the eastern support center and this because when I first bought my xbox360, I had the ring of death in the second day of use. The result then, was to send me back a re-serviced instead of a brand new or my product, as it was totally brand new.
At that time, almost 2 years ago, British customer support after my complaint and customer protection service helped me to gain a brand new xbox360. The current console I have now.
My first repair was in Uk almost 9 months ago and I can say that British customer support and repair center were excellent.
I was about to buy a brand new xbox360 soon, as my guarantee expires in 2-3 months of time and I wanted an Xbox360 with falcon motherboard, but after my (2nd) bad experience with the eastern repair center I changed my mind and I bought something different.
I could never believe that will send me back my parts with a turtle (almost 17 days of delay and that’s because their fault).
I am writing all this, because as a 21 years gamer (I am 28 years old) I never seen support like that. We decided to support xbox360 product, even with all this technical faults, but we feel some times abandoned and bad serviced. A small example of this bad service in Eastern Europe and result on what’s happening, (I am not talking about UK). We can’t buy xbox360 products from local stores. Nobody supports them (small stores and Co.) am not talking about Athens, but all the rest of Greece. We have to pre-order them through internet. Maybe this is a small mistake and fault of the Greek Microsoft, I don’t know.
Please consider this letter as a general complaint note, than a technical issue.
Best regards

Well, I attached a photo from the game that my xbox made a HUGE circled scratch on it.
Microsoft denied to refund me, as xbox360 never do they say.

Thank god EA told me that I can exchange it but with a small fee... I hope this will help new and old customers of xbox360 what to expect from customer services and be prepared to deal with them...and I felt like I must share my concerns and disappointment with you.   read

2:32 PM on 05.18.2008

XBOX360 faults and a big disappointment

Dear Gamers,

This is another story of Microsofts disappointed customer. At this point I live in Greece and this story is about Eastern EU repair center.
I posted my xbox360 at 15/4/08 to the eastern repair center (Czech Republic) because of a faulty dvd rom, as it destroyed a brand new game I bought recently (Skate) and also it couldnt recognize xbox360 titles (A known problem that you got to open and close the tray several times to make it happen).

*A notice. Microsoft will never accept that their faulty machine destroys cds as well.

I received my xbox360 back repaired? Who knows, at 2/5/08.

*A notice that this was the 3rd time I repaired this device, so I had to post my power adapter as well.

After I opened the packet I noticed that they forgot to place into the box my power adapter so I called them at once to post it for me.
You cant buy separately power adapter, so I had to wait for it!

They said they did. But 15 days now and still nothing! I received a plain e-mail the first day of the order that these parts posted at 5/5/08 with DHL service, but I didnt have any tracking number or any information to check its progress.

After several calls in Xbox360 customer support they told me, this service is simple postage and has nothing to do with express service! So the only option I got is to wait up to 10 working days for it.
Also some representatives are extraordinary rude! The answer I received from a customer support representative in a question I made (What happens if it lost! As its simple postage and its already delayed 3 days!), she said I have to call them back after some time and order another one, so I will have to wait another 10-15 days! Just like that.

I send a letter about this matter in Microsoft UK asking them to help me on this matter and an extension to my guarantee 15-30 days, depends when I am going to receive my power adapter and the answer I received (probably an automatic email) was: Please be specific with your problem. !!!!

I am not going to call them back again if I dont receive my power adapter next week (after all this delay...)
But will report them in EU customer protection service.

I am writing all this for the old and new users of Xbox 360 product.
What to expect from them and what we get from them. They dont respect their customers.

Its their fault for this faulty machine and they dont support! In the other hand, a nice trick to delay parts so heavy users go and buy another machine as well. (Nice aggressive marketing trick). Regarding the sales on Xbox product lately in Europe!

And the only thing they can earn from us is to turn our back on them   read

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