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Atheos's blog

11:15 AM on 12.05.2012

2012: Getting to Gensokyo

Videogames aren't terribly memorable for me anymore. That's not to say they aren't fun, I'd not play them otherwise, it is to say that I'm old(~ish) and jaded (very) and that much doesn't distinguish itself and enrapture me a...   read

7:23 AM on 09.22.2012

Travelin' 'Round Tyria: Cooperative Camaraderie

Let me tell you a story... As Tairaid, formerly my level 85 Undead Death Knight in World of Warcraft, I was once more on the hunt for elementium ore, a common valuable metal within the game, flying a well worn route arou...   read

5:50 AM on 09.15.2012

Travelin' 'Round Tyria: Tall Tales from Lion's Arch

Let me tell you a story... As Justine Bailey, my Human Engineer, I had bested the final challenges of Queensdale, the human starting zone, and after having charted the area thoroughly, rather than embark on the next leg of m...   read

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