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I suppose my first introduction to gaming was through my dad. He gave me and my brother an old plug-in-and-play thing that came loaded with games like Asteroids and Space Invaders which provided endless fun. After that I was given a MegaDrive from a family friend with Sonic and the Lion King game (I could never, ever get past that giraffe level - was that meant to be tailored to children?!). The cartridge for Sonic eventually broke which was mighty disappointing, let me tell you. No, let me. Please.
After that I got one of the old big, blocky grey original PS1s and I had... no games whatsoever for it, but a butt-tonne of demo discs so I could enjoy (for ten minutes) games like Tomba and Klonoa. After that I received a Gamecube one Christmas and that was magical. That's when I properly got into gaming and experienced the utter joy it could bring. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Beyond Good and Evil, Spider-Man 2, the slightly less reputable but I played it through several times anyway, Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup (I liked the books at one point, much to my everlasting chagrin) and one of my favourite games of all time, Tales of Symphonia.
I have a Wii and 360 sitting in the TV stand now and it's the latter that gets played most, unfortunately. I've neglected the little white waggle box for far too long. In fact I just boot it up now to play Smash Bros. Brawl and little else. I'm glad I have the 360, though. With it I've been able to play the Assassin's Creed series (thoroughly enjoy them, even if I do concede to Jim's point that some of the missions like 'carry this shit over there, my good fellow' are a joke), Batman: Arkham Asylum, and more. I say 'and more' because I'm far too lazy to look up my gamertag.

Gaming's taken sort of a back seat at the moment, however, since I'm roughly two-hundred and fifty miles away from my stuff since I'm currently doing a degree at the University of Glasgow. But I will use Steam now and again to pick up the odd deal, and enjoy (through cursing) Bit.Trip Runner, Chime, the Penny Arcade games, and old classics that are difficult to find, like Second Sight and Knights of the Old Republic.

So, Destructoid, that's me. That's who the heck I am. More or less.

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