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Atemz avatar 7:11 AM on 09.04.2013  (server time)
Generic First Blog: A sleepless Gamer Ramblings About PC and Console Gaming!

Because it's not like I should be sleeping or anything.

So hello, whoever is actually reading this, and welcome! Welcome. to what probably will be marked in your memory as the most uninteresting and worthless first blog you have ever read! It's 7 am in the morning and I can't sleep, got no classes today, and LoL servers appear to be down at the moment, so I honestly have nothing better to do. Besides I have never done anything remotely close to writing a blog, so hey, why not?

But then there's the issue of what should I write about, and since I'm writing this on the fly and I have never even dared to lurk the blog section (Assuming there is one and that is its actual name), I have no clue what people usually write about, so I will just talk about something that I have noticed to slowly begin to happen within me; My inner console gamer is dying. : (

The Death of a Console Gamer and The Birth of a PC Gamer.

It happens slowly, without you noticing, or at least It did for me. I have been a console gamer all my life; From the NES to the PS3, Wii and 360, I had always been happy with whatever the console market delivered without paying attention to what the PC offered. My mind simply felt no urge to play Age of Empires or The Sims when I had things like Zelda, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter and many more right next to my TV, and without the intimidating idea (at least for my younger self) of having to operate a... dun dun dun... COMPUTAR1!!.

But then something weird began to happen. I don't know if I should blame it on me growing up and naturally focusing more on the social aspects of the games I played or starting to become more tech savvy, but I started looking at PC games more. Not that much besides World of Warcraft, but that was everything that sneaky bastard known as PC gaming needed in order to lure me to abandon my beloved consoles and join the dark side. Filled with sorrow, tears and neglect, my consoles suffered (well, except my Wii, I will always play Smash Bros, I'll never stop being a tourneyfag at heart) while a totally badass resto shaman known as Atemz rose to power and healed its way through Icecrown Citadel and Ulduar, and by that point there is no turning back. 

I obviously do still own consoles and therefore play console games every now and then, but for every Bioshock Infinite or Portal 2 (Which are also available on PC, anyways), I had played around a bajillion hours of League of Legends or Rouge Legacy, among other games. Yup, that is the actual number.


Well, not really. I am no Michael Patcher (yay), but I will always believe it is more convenient to just plug in a $200 console to the TV and just play, as opposed to buying a $600 (or more) machine, making sure the hardware it has meets the game requirements, and installing games, specially for technologically impaired parents that just wanna give their little kids the new Halo or Call of Duty game so they shut up. You also have to take into consideration the fact that as long as companies like Nintendo are around, that means that consoles are bound to be present in one way or another, and Nintendo has enough money to be around for a very, very long time. That said, I think, based on personal experience and lack of sleep, that more and more people will keep flocking to the PC side, especially with those tasty, tasty 75% Steam discounts, along with the ridiculous amounts of indie games and customization options that the PC brings to its other games. Why would I rush for a 3 day midnight release line to pick a PS4 or an Xbox One (lol) when my computer can already run things like Watchdogs and most games are also coming out on PC nowadays? Besides, I have to get to platinum on LoL before Halloween!

To sum it up and end my rambling, while i'm pretty sure that i will continue to be playing console games in some way or another (mainly Smash Bros or Street Fighter), when you compare it to this past gen, I don't see any reason as a gamer to get anything else besides a capable a PC and a Wii-U (since i'm pretty sure I will need one in order to play Zelda). From the look of it, Microsoft and Sony sure have a lot of work to do if they want to succeed this coming generation.


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