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I'm a guy from small town USA around Northwest Ohio. Played games ever since my Atari 2600 and I enjoy them most for recreation and having fun, not so much for competition.
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I enjoy a good multiplayer game from time to time. Granted I'm not always that great at a lot of games but I play video games for recreation. After all that's what video games were created for. To have fun and enjoy yourself. Even if I lose I still have a good time. I believe in being a good sport and having fun so that everyone can have a good time. That's what matters to me the most in every game I play. Halo: Reach, Mass Effect 3, League of Legends, TF2, etc. Yeah I put in as much effort to win as anyone would but I don't freak out at all in the middle of a game, or shun people because they aren't as experienced as I would be play the game.

However often times recently I keep running into people online that only care about winning and they don't care who's having a good time or not. For example last night (at the time of this writing) I was playing some Super Monday Night Combat (which is a fun game btw). Halfway into the match our defenses start going down and things aren't looking so good for our team. One fellow in particular happens to have a head set on and is barking orders at people and constantly yelling at us to protect the lanes, spawn bots, get on the anihilator ,etc.

Needless to say the dude was getting on my nerves to where I finally just typed into the game chat saying "Dude, chill out it's just a game" and that merely opened the flood gates for him to start spouting off how I'm such a noob and that I'm not playing the game right. Okay if there's one thing I really can't stand is when someone tells me I'm playing the game wrong. I think I speak for a lot of folks that when you have a game that's online only and you're just figuring things out, yeah you're gonna make mistakes and you shouldn't get on someone's case because they don't know as much as an expert would. Lighten the fuck up.

But how about when you can't even get into a game at all? Couple nights ago I wanted to play some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. I had a level 5 Vangaurd that I wanted to get some XP for so I decided to use him. Since none of my friends were online I had no choice but to use quick match to find a group. Not once, not twice, but three times in a row I was voted out of groups. I even set my quick match settings down to Bronze level challenges thinking maybe I'll find a more accepting group of people who don't mind playing with a low level character. Nope, same friggen result. I mean I couldn't belive it. People cared that much about winning that they won't allow anyone below max level to play with them? It's like what crime against video game multiplayer did I commit? Basically I said screw it and went back to playing ME3 Single Player

Finally last week, I wanted to play some League of Legends. Now I've been kinda out of touch with the game since I hadn't loaded it up in a while but I wanted to jump back into it to play a few games for fun. To make a long story short it was something similar to what happened in SMNC, but with my whole team bitching at me instead of just one person. With constant game chat messages in all caps saying "STOP FEEDING" or "WHY DON'T YOU HAVE THE RIGHT GEAR" I mean jesus christ, I'm sorry if I bought the "recommended" equipment from the store and that I don't play the game like I'm trying out for the friggen MLG or something. I stayed in the game until we finally lost to which I was kicked from the game lobby very quickly. I mean... damn.

Stuff like this needs to stop and I know not everyone online acts like this but I wish there was a way to tell these folks that winning isn't everything and a game is supposed to be about having fun. That's why it is called a "game" not life and fucking death.

But that's my two cents folks. Play to have fun, not just to win because as long as there's competition there's always going to be a loser but it doesn't mean you have to be a sore loser.

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