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Atary77 avatar 10:25 AM on 10.20.2013  (server time)
Tale of the Boogie Mouse (Based on a true story)

Once upon a time back when I was working at a paint roller factory, I used to hear stories of other workers who claimed they had seen a ghost roaming the ware house. Some claimed they saw a woman while others would say they saw a man. In the plant's history there was in fact a man around his fifties if I remember correctly who unfortunately died of a heart attack in the ware house. It was because of this that the folks in charge decided to install defibrillators in the plant since it could have saved that man's life. In any case those who worked the late shifts or long hours claimed the ware house was haunted.

I myself worked near the ware house area as did one friend of mine named Mike. We both operated some of the larger lines in the back area. Aside from all the noise the machinery made it was actually rather peaceful. Occasionally we'd be able to talk to one another so long as we did our jobs our boss didn't mind. One night Mike claimed he saw something move on it's own where his supplies were kept. I didn't believe him since he was known for pulling my leg a good number of times. But he kept claiming that something was knocked off his supply shelf. I went back to my line and thought nothing of it. About an hour or so later I go to talk to him and he said something else was knocked over. He even left it on the floor this time so I could see. Again I didn't see anything fall over myself. All I saw was a roll or paper towels on the floor. I shrugged it off not believing him but he sounded so certain that it fell over by itself. Not only that but he said he felt a chill whenever he walked near the shelf. Again I paid no mind to it and went back to my line.

Another hour went by and I went to talk to Mike asking if anything had been knocked over. He shook his head and told me he didn't want to go near his supply shelf. We both looked at it for a moment but suddenly I saw something this time. Out of no where some rubber gloves that were sitting on the shelf just fell over. His eyes opened wide as he looked at me pointing at the shelf asking if I saw it. I told him I did but I had a sneaking suspicion. I walked over to the shelf and looked around it. I moved a few things and that's when I saw it... a mouse. That's right folks, a mouse was the reason things were being knocked off his supply shelf. Not long after I discovered it the little fellow scurried off. I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear as I looked over my shoulder at Mike, who's only reaction was look at me sternly and tell me to shut-up. It was priceless. I would continue to give Mike shit the rest of the shift asking if the “Boogie Mouse” had come back. He would only keep his arms crossed with a pissy look on his face.

But what was that chill he felt? The very same chill I myself could feel when I inspected the shelf? Oh yeah that's right, it was the breeze coming from the nearby exit which was used on occasion by our maintenance crew.

Happy Halloween!

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