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Asterion's blog

7:33 AM on 03.05.2014

Jim Sterling's Next Adventure

I always liked Jim's reviews here on DToid. They were always a notch above what most other games critics do - "the graphics are good, the mechanics are bad, 7/10" - and more importantly he used his intelligence to write hones...   read

1:51 PM on 02.20.2014

Something to do with Breasts

I have just read OpiumHerz's blog entry Community Discourse (or: for a better DToid). For those who haven't read it, the post consists of a quick list of suggestions for making the DToid community better. Although they are al...   read

12:52 PM on 02.12.2014

Games That Never Got Made #1: Horace Goes Clubbing

It is widely known amongst fans of the ZX Spectrum home computer that William Tang, creator of the Horace series, was too ill to finish the mysterious fourth game in the series ‘Horace to the Rescue’. From a man who delivered...   read

8:59 AM on 02.11.2014

Review: Grand Theft Auto V

I apologise for two things: first, for not blogging since June last year, and second, for not bothering to write this review until over a month since I finished the game. GTA V is my sixth experience with the series, followin...   read

8:26 AM on 06.07.2013

The Interesting Gender Issue: Raymond v Nigri

Last month, I told you just how pointless it is to care about how genders (and, for that matter, races, religions, and every other group) are represented in games. I feel it is important that I mention that gender problems do...   read

6:00 AM on 05.27.2013

The Crisis of, and Challenges to, the Triple-A

The triple-A title does not seem on the outside to be struggling all that much. By far the most lucrative releases are those in established franchises such as Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. The truth, however, is that th...   read

3:44 PM on 05.22.2013

Anywhere But Here and Now: Gaming's Oldest Narrative Gimmick

To fans of the Halo series, the 26th century will always be that period in the distant future when, surely, the Master Chief will prevail over the dastardly machinations of the Prophet of Truth and his incompetent cronies (Re...   read

1:00 PM on 05.19.2013

Mature is a Dirty Word

I finally got round to reading my latest copy of games™ the other day. Inside, between a wonderful piece on the next GTA and a bland one about Battlefield number God-knows-what, I found a rather interesting little piece abo...   read

10:43 AM on 05.16.2013

Representation in Games is a Tedious, Tired, Irrelevant Point of Discussion

“Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred.” -Jacques Barzun Of late, it seems to me that the gender representation bandwagon has been gaining momentum. As it makes its creaky way throug...   read

8:54 AM on 04.28.2013

Review: The Cat and the Coup

Thank God The Cat and the Coup is free, for if it wasn’t, I would probably tear my eyes out in disbelief. This indie title is so short and so devoid of replay value that it charging even the smallest of prices for it would be...   read

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