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Review: Atari Vault

There is no denying the historical importance of Atari – games like Pong in arcades brought videogames a wider audience than ever before, while the Atari 2600 console was the first games machine to feature promine...


A Long View of Gaming's Culture Wars

It seems that GamerGate (and Revolt, et al) has been going on for a long-time. More than a year and a half since the loose movement began, at least officially, Nintendo of America employee Alison Rapp has been terminate...


Jim Sterling's Next Adventure

I always liked Jim's reviews here on DToid. They were always a notch above what most other games critics do - "the graphics are good, the mechanics are bad, 7/10" - and more importantly he used his intelligence to write hones...


Something to do with Breasts

I have just read OpiumHerz's blog entry Community Discourse (or: for a better DToid). For those who haven't read it, the post consists of a quick list of suggestions for making the DToid community better. Although they are al...


Review: Grand Theft Auto V

I apologise for two things: first, for not blogging since June last year, and second, for not bothering to write this review until over a month since I finished the game. GTA V is my sixth experience with the series, followin...


Mature is a Dirty Word

I finally got round to reading my latest copy of games™ the other day. Inside, between a wonderful piece on the next GTA and a bland one about Battlefield number God-knows-what, I found a rather interesting little piece abo...


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