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Askherserenity avatar 12:51 PM on 09.15.2008  (server time)
Got new DS along with Pokemon Platinum!

It's a lot nicer than it looks

About a year ago I lost my white DS lite to a tragic accident. I was in my room with my friend and we were taking turns playing Picross (amazing game btw). It was her turn to play and she didnt understand something about the game, so she asked me to help her. I try to grab the DS by the top screen and she kept pulling it back for some reason? Then the screens unhinged and fell apart. :[ So for about a year, I've been using my brother DS. I saw this new Pokemon DS coming out for the same price as the normal DS so I had to get it.

For the original price of the DS, you get an awesome looking DS, along with a cool case and a Pokemon dvd. The actual inside of the DS is different from the other systems. It has a sort of silver color which looks pretty nice in my opinion. I forgot how the back of the other systems were but this DS is glossy all around, from front to back. It's probably the sleekest DS released yet. Still waiting for that widescreen one ;]

New Pokemon sprites are new!

I dunno how many people here like Pokemon, but I'm sure there's atleast one person. A new Pokemon game came out last weekend in Japan. Its the third game of the Pearl/Diamond series so its basically the same game, just with a few new added places, new things to do over wifi, and a couple of new forms for a few Pokemon ( Shaymin, Giratina, and Rotom )

Me, along with every other Pokemon geek out there will probably think that the new sprites for some of the Pokemon is enough to warrant the purchase of Platinum. Heres a sample of a new sprite...

This sold me.

So yeah, sorry for this crappy post. I was just excited I finally got a new DS and excited this was my first blog post in Destructoid. D:

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