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1:03 PM on 05.30.2009

The Grinder and Gladiator AD Trailers (incase you missed it)

High Voltage announced 2 games last week and here are the first trailers for both games.

The Grinder

For those of you who don't know, The Grinder is a FPS in the likes of games like L4D. It takes place in a world where vampires and werewolves are a common thing. It has that whole grind house movie look to it. The game includes four player online co-op and I think it just looks great.

Gladiator AD

This is a strategic gladiator fighting game. Online hasn't been announced but I think it does have split screen. This game looks great as well, the character models seem really nicely done for a Wii game. Developers said its not just a hack and slash button masher. They're really stressing the strategic element to the game
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7:44 PM on 03.31.2009

Final Fantasy CC - The Crystal Bearers new gameplay trailer!

Square Enix just recently put up a new website for the Wii game, The Crystal Bearers, and added a brand new gameplay trailer. It's a pretty lengthy trailer and it shows tons of different gameplay. The game looks incredibly fun and completely different from any other Crystal Chronicles game. Just go here to check out the trailer for yourself. Tell me what you guys think...   read

12:37 PM on 03.19.2009

Best Month Ever For DS: GTA: China Town Wars Review

This month has been great for DS owners. We've got some good RPG's, a platformer/puzzle game, and GTA: China Town Wars. I'm going to try and review most of them by the end of the month, starting today with GTA.

Iím sure most of you were as shocked as me when Nintendo announced that Rockstar was working on a GTA game for the Nintendo DS. They never released much information on it. Nintendo just showed some screens (which didnít look that good) and said it was going to come out. Well, the game just recently came out and it is fucking fantastic.

The game starts off with the main character, Huang Lee, arriving at Liberty City after his fatherís death. He is sent to Liberty City to deliver a sword that is passed down to the family member in power, a tradition started by his father. The person in control of the family company is now his crazy uncle, which hes not too fond of. As soon as Lee gets off the airplane, he gets shot and taken hostage by a couple of guys from a rival gang. They assume his dead and just throw him along with the car off the docks. All this is happening while the game cuts through different impressive camera angles showing off the great looking DS game. Metrorailís passing by the top of the screen making the camera shake a bit, people walking all over town cursing at each other, cops pass by chasing other cars. The game is pretty much in completely 3D and the city looks and feels great.

When you first get control of your character, you are told to break through the car window by tapping on the touch screen and continue to swim till you reach shore. This is just one of the many little touch screen mini games you perform in the game. Running from the cops and you see a car you want to steal? Better hope there are keys inside or else youíre going to have to hot wire it by using the touch screen. Want to go get some molotovís? Fill up your bottles with gas at the nearest gas station by using the touch screen as well. There are more mini games like these that work extremely well with the game, no worries about them getting annoying.

The game plays pretty much identical to the recent GTA games. You hold B to sprint, X to steal cars or whistle for a taxi (which works the same exact way as in GTA4), Y lets you roll and hop over cars, and A is your attack button. L moves the camera around and R is for targeting. The bottom screen is used for the mini map along with your PDA, which works pretty much like your cell phone in GTA4. You can track anything from your friends to your drug stats (buying/selling drugs play a HUGE role in this game). The game works around a 24 hour cycle with changing weather affects. You see people around the city getting out of their homes and coming back in the night. Rockstar did an amazing job bringing GTA over to the DS, even with its limitations.

Handling a car is pretty basic. B accelerates, Y is brake/reverse, R is handbrake, and A lets you perform drive-byís. One cool thing about the cars is that they all feel really different from each other, just like they would in any other GTA, which makes the cop chases just as fun. They did add one new feature to the gameplay in the game and it works pretty good. Letís say youíve acquired two wanted stars and you want to get them back down, then you simply just have to take care of the cop cars chasing you. Making the cops crash onto someone else or into a building usually crosses them out and will eventually get rid of your wanted stars. Itís incredibly pleasing hearing the cop cars siren slowly die after you take them out.

Multiplayer works incredibly well on the DS. There are 6 different multiplayer games that you can play. Single Race, Season (which is just a number of races across different seasons), Stash Dash, Defend The Base, LC Survivor, and Gang Bang. For Stash Dash, you have to steal a van, deliver it, and stash the cash but all your opponents want the same van and the same cash. Defend The Base is just co-op against waves of enemies. Gang Bang has you defending or attacking certain gangs and LC Survivor is just straight up death match. All this goes on in the city while cops and pedestrians still walk and drive around. The only bad thing is that itís only multicard play. The only things you can do online are sell/buy drugs and instant message your friends, which is pretty cool. You can keep playing the single player game while connected to someone and just iming them from you pda.

Buying/selling drugs in this game is extremely suggested. There are dealers all over the city who email you offers and such. You can also just trade drugs online with friends. Either way, doing it will make you rich very quickly if you do it rightÖand you shouldnít have any problem doing that, itís pretty straightforward and simple.

The only thing I can think of that Rockstar didnít do that well on bringing over from the consoles is the sound. Thereís no actual soundtrack and no voice acting other than the people walking around in the street. It is understandable though. There is only so much you can fit into a tiny DS card.

It surprised me how well Rockstar was able to bring the GTA franchise over onto the DS. Iím sure it exceeded anyoneís expectations they originally had of the game. Thereís a lot more I didnít get to mention about the game just because there is so much to do in itÖ.and I think I took enough of your time by now. But if you are a fan of GTA, you really should give this a try. I think itís great how amazing games like China Town Wars keep pushing the limits of the DS further and further. Hereís hoping this isnít the last we see of Rockstar on the DS.   read

7:26 PM on 11.10.2008

Resident Evil: Degeneration first 10 minutes! (Short blog post)

So I'm sure most of you already know that there's a new Resident Evil CGI movie coming out by the end of the year in the U.S. and coming out next week in Japan. The movie stars Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and I think Wesker comes out in one of the trailers as well. The plot is completely new, no sort of remake from the games. The movie takes place in 2005, most of it taking part in an airport in some U.S. city.

Claire just so happens to be there at around the same time zombies start attacking it. Leon is soon to follow I guess, and I'm sure hes going to be making all those unnecessary, epic moves again. I think the movie looks great, the voice acting seems a bit awkward to me at times, but nothing I cant deal with. So yeah, just watch the first 10 minutes of the movie below. Its divided into two parts, first video is the 8 minute beginning of the movie and the red band trailer continues it. Enjoy! (sorry for the short blog post)


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3:42 PM on 09.25.2008

Disgaea DS: Best RPG On The DS?


Alright, so I haven't played the game for long at all, I've just played a couple of hours probably, but I can safely say this is one, if not the best, rpg for the DS. If you havent played any of the other Disgaea games ( 1-2 for the PS2, a remake of the first one on the psp, and the recently released third game for the PS3) You should really give the DS one a try. Its a remake of the first one for the PS2, just like the PSP one, with a little added features and characters.


Well, the main character of the story is a little demon kid named Laharl. He is the son of the Overlord of the Underworld, King Krichevskoy. The game starts off with Etna, who is this cute castle vassal, trying to break open Laharl coffin to wake him up. He eventually wakes up and Etna informs him he's been asleep for 2 years and that his father is dead. So the little prince decides to reclaim the thrown and become King of the Underworld. That's just the start of it, don't want to give anything away. D: But trust me, the dialogue is amazingly well written, and really funny.


The game is a Tactical RPG but it has so many unique features that make it probably the most hardcore TRPG out there. There are things like this Item World, where you actually go into an item ( from swords, to healing items) and actually level the item up from there. You go through different floors, taking on baddies on the way. Every tenth floor is a level up for the item if I recall correctly. There's another little part to this mode which can actually determine if the item sucks or is amazing.

There are characters in the Item World which are good, they call them specialists. So, some items might have a job title when you check it out in the status screen, it might say something like, "Gladiator" or "Teacher". That means that in that item, there are specialists which can boost up your stats according to the job title. For example, a gladiator might help raise your attack. So once you meet up with these specialists in the Item World, you take them on until they submit and then they will power up the item in which they inhabit. The Item World is also the place to get some other rare items and weapons.

Another major part of the game is The Dark Assembly. In here, you create new characters as pupils for your existing characters using mana. You can acquire some mana for defeating enemies. The tougher your opponent, the more mana you get. The only character that gets the mana though is the one who actually lands the final blow on the enemy. There are lots of different characters you can create using mana points, and you unlock more characters to create by defeating them in battle or just by leveling up a certain class. There's more things to do in The Dark Assembly but I don't want to go too in depth. This post is long enough as it is.

Another important part of the gameplay are the Geo Panels. Geo Panels are colored areas in some of the maps that have their own effects I guess. They are activated by the Geo Symbols that are on one of the colored panels. I really cant explain it too good -.- But lets say a Geo Symbol that increases your defense by 50% is on one of the red Geo Panels, then it would be a pretty good idea to try and stay on some of the red panels. There's a lot more to it, but again, I don't want to get to in depth.

You can also throw exploding penguins at people...

Graphics and Sound

There are a lot of people who are downplaying the DS version cause they say the graphics arent that good and cause the sound is "horrible". I have no idea what theyre talking about with the graphics. I think the game looks amazing on the DS, of course its not going to be as good as the PS2 or PSP'S graphics but they do a really good job. I've heard somewhere that ign said the sprites arent as good as FFTA or some other DS games but I'm pretty sure these sprites are probably the best sprites on the DS as of yet. The only problem I might have with the graphics is that it might be a little too dark/grey, but it doesn't really bother me. Check out the video below for some cool gameplay.


I have to agree with some people about the sound though. Its not awful, but its pretty low. It gets kind of annoying, but whatever. Another problem people seem to be having with the sound is that there isn't full voice acting. I really dont care about the voice acting, its cool that they still have some of it though. I dunno why people keep trying to compare the sound to the PS2 or PSP'S sound. They did a really good job bringing the graphics and sound from a PS2 game and putting it on the tiny DS.


TONS. People devote SO much time into this game its insane. There's so much to do and see. Whenever you get to beating the actual game, there are multiple endings to give it a bit more length. The DS game also has multiplayer which just lengthens it even more. I cant wait to kick my friends ass with my party. This game will last you an extremely long time if you give it a chance, you most likely have already though, since everyone loves this game. Please do yourself a favor and pick this game up if you're into RPG'S. You cant go wrong with it.

My Final Score: 9   read

12:51 PM on 09.15.2008

Got new DS along with Pokemon Platinum!

It's a lot nicer than it looks

About a year ago I lost my white DS lite to a tragic accident. I was in my room with my friend and we were taking turns playing Picross (amazing game btw). It was her turn to play and she didnt understand something about the game, so she asked me to help her. I try to grab the DS by the top screen and she kept pulling it back for some reason? Then the screens unhinged and fell apart. :[ So for about a year, I've been using my brother DS. I saw this new Pokemon DS coming out for the same price as the normal DS so I had to get it.

For the original price of the DS, you get an awesome looking DS, along with a cool case and a Pokemon dvd. The actual inside of the DS is different from the other systems. It has a sort of silver color which looks pretty nice in my opinion. I forgot how the back of the other systems were but this DS is glossy all around, from front to back. It's probably the sleekest DS released yet. Still waiting for that widescreen one ;]

New Pokemon sprites are new!

I dunno how many people here like Pokemon, but I'm sure there's atleast one person. A new Pokemon game came out last weekend in Japan. Its the third game of the Pearl/Diamond series so its basically the same game, just with a few new added places, new things to do over wifi, and a couple of new forms for a few Pokemon ( Shaymin, Giratina, and Rotom )

Me, along with every other Pokemon geek out there will probably think that the new sprites for some of the Pokemon is enough to warrant the purchase of Platinum. Heres a sample of a new sprite...

This sold me.

So yeah, sorry for this crappy post. I was just excited I finally got a new DS and excited this was my first blog post in Destructoid. D:   read

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