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AskACapper's blog

6:45 PM on 10.17.2010

Custom Button Remapping Industry's Feeling About It. Yours?

My name is Chuck Bittner a quadriplegic gamer looking to get the game industry to add custom button remapping to modern consoles/ games. My previous blog post on this topic got Destructoided! So here is round two. Please ...   read

6:17 PM on 10.17.2010

Good News & Bad News-Black OPs Button Layout For HandiGAMERS

November 9, 2010 could be a black day for this Capper. No I'm just kidding not a black day but only a bummer of a day for me.  Someone posted a screen capture of two new layouts (only really one since N0M4D's l...   read

10:22 AM on 10.04.2010

AskACapper - The Benjamins vs. the button remapping petition

Hey boys and girls Chuck here with another custom button remapping petition blog post. Petition passed 8000 on sunday night and thanks for sending signature 8000 over!   read

10:52 AM on 10.02.2010

AskACapper - Remapping petition update & Treyarch thread debate!?

Hey you Dtoids, Chuck the quadriplegic gamer who is doing the custom button remapping petition (it's going very well thank you for asking! We passed 7900 signatures). I'd love to get your thoughts on the following post that ...   read

1:03 PM on 10.01.2010

A few industry objections to the custom button remapping petition

Hey Dtoids! It is Chuck the Capper back again I hope this scramble of the English letters finds you doing excellent. I'm not very good at English in fact I can't believe I passed it in high school. So I hope reading this blo...   read

11:14 AM on 09.30.2010

AskACapper - Quadriplegic gamer custom button petition info!

Hey Dtoids Chuck the capper here. I am the quadriplegic gamer who is doing the custom button remapping petition. I want to thank you all for the support and kind words. I am going to be regularly putting updates here on ...   read

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