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Awesome drawing of me by Jack Maverick!

Hi! My name is Ashley. I like video games, and to write and draw. Sometimes I combine the three. I have a huge knowledge of video game trivia and pop culture trivia in general, and I like to overanalyze things both for fun and for your entertainment.

I also like ducks and koala cookies.

My favorite game genres are puzzles, platformers, and scrolling shooters. I also really enjoy Mario Kart. But I don't like to limit myself, so I'll give anything a go at least once.

Even though my first console was an NES, I grew up mostly on the Genesis. Much of my childhood was spent playing Sonic 2 multiplayer by myself. I would switch the controller after every round and play both characters evenly so that it would always end in a tie.

I am a little shy, so you may have to prod me, but I would love to be your newest friend!

E-mail: stripedbird at gmail dot com
Gtalk: stripedbird at gmail dot com
AIM: odd looking bird
Xbox Live: Horned Child (currently offline)
DeviantArt: CLICK
Facebook: CLICK
Twitter: CLICK

Also, ducks - Duck is now living with a zookeeper in Alabama who can supply him with a bigger swimming area than a bathtub. He is in a better place, free of Zappers and laughing dogs.

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In my humble opinion, Gentleman Dinosaur is a game that must be made. I, however, have limited skills and can only go so far as to take the creative side of things and run with it.

This is what I imagine Gentleman Dinosaur would be.

Pictured are three of the characters that live within the world of Gentleman Dinosaur:

Count Velociraptor, a very wealthy, snooty dinosaur who dislikes pretty much everything besides himself, but especially Dappersaurus Rex. Regardless of his greediness, he actually came upon his fortune through hard work, which makes him a sort of good guy.

Dappersaurus Rex, whose very important looking mustache is indeed real, and was painstakingly grown by Dappersaurus as a labor of love. As long as it remains perched on the end of his snout, he is the leader of the dinosaurs according to the Law of Mustache.

William Pompasaur III is the last fellow, a docile brontosaurus. He enjoys quiet activities, such as reading the business section of the paper, riding old fashioned bicycles with the one giant wheel in the front, and pressing his ties.

Not pictured is Houtecouturedactyl, an avid lover of aviation, particularly the piloting of hot air balloons. Why would a dinosaur capable of flight enjoy ballooning? Because it's just so much more sophisticated, of course!

Compete against the other Gentleman Dinosaurs on your way up to the top rung of the social ladder, or defend your title as Dappersaurus Rex! Gentleman Dinosaur is a thrilling game of fisticuffs and have-at-you-sirs, coming to the Sega 32X this never.

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