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Awesome drawing of me by Jack Maverick!

Hi! My name is Ashley. I like video games, and to write and draw. Sometimes I combine the three. I have a huge knowledge of video game trivia and pop culture trivia in general, and I like to overanalyze things both for fun and for your entertainment.

I also like ducks and koala cookies.

My favorite game genres are puzzles, platformers, and scrolling shooters. I also really enjoy Mario Kart. But I don't like to limit myself, so I'll give anything a go at least once.

Even though my first console was an NES, I grew up mostly on the Genesis. Much of my childhood was spent playing Sonic 2 multiplayer by myself. I would switch the controller after every round and play both characters evenly so that it would always end in a tie.

I am a little shy, so you may have to prod me, but I would love to be your newest friend!

E-mail: stripedbird at gmail dot com
Gtalk: stripedbird at gmail dot com
AIM: odd looking bird
Xbox Live: Horned Child (currently offline)
DeviantArt: CLICK
Facebook: CLICK
Twitter: CLICK

Also, ducks - Duck is now living with a zookeeper in Alabama who can supply him with a bigger swimming area than a bathtub. He is in a better place, free of Zappers and laughing dogs.

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Hey guys! PAX is coming! As if I weren't already excited enough, I just found out that Anthony and I will be attending a panel for Gametrailers. It's pretty short notice, so I'm trying to get the word out so anyone who's interested in HAWP or Once Upon a Pixel can attend!

We will be on the GameTrailers panel (along with AVGN and Screwattack) on Friday at 5:30 in the Satellite Theatre Pegasus. Poppa B will probably be there too. So that's something you might be interested in!

Otherwise, we'll just be wandering around the floor for the rest of the show, and probably hanging out at Dtoid gatherings. If you're going to PAX, we'll see each other one way or another!

Confused? You probably haven't read Anthony's goodbye post.

But with the 700+ comments and all of the messages we recieved through email, the forums, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, I'm sure most of you already know that yesterday, Anthony Burch proposed to me and I said yes! This c-blog is an informal invitation to the "ceremony" (with both of us being non-religious, I'm not sure how ceremonial it will be), but first, I want to say my thanks to you all.

Like Anthony, I would not have any of the wonderful things I have right now if it were not for Niero, the rest of the Dtoid staff, and the community. As a humble little country girl, I would have never dreamed I would be where I am now. Destructoid has been just wonderful to me, and there's no way that I could ever give back enough. I'm still going to be a part of the site, and though my presence on the frontpage has dwindled since Once Upon a Pixel began (it takes up a lot of my time ;o;), I still lurk the frontpage, c-blogs and forums constantly. I love you guys, and that's why our wedding is open to any of you who wants to/can be there.

I have to say a special thank you to honorary Dtoider Aaron Linde. Almost three years ago now, I reconnected with him; we'd previously been old Livejournal friends way back when I was still in high school. He became like a brother to me during some really hard times. He introduced me to Destructoid, the site he had recently worked for (he had already started at Shacknews by that time) and I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of it. He also introduced me to Anthony. He's the person who set everything in motion for me, one of my closest friends, and just the best guy you could ever hope to know.

Now, let's get to the good stuff! Many of you have expressed a desire to come see us get hitched. We're still in the planning stages, but we kinda need to get a head count before we settle on a venue. All we know at this point is that

1. The wedding will take place in or around our residence in Phoenix, Arizona.

2. It will take place on a Saturday in early June (probably the 5th, but this is subject to change)

If you would be able to make it and want to come, please let me know in the comments so that we can plan accordingly!

If you would like to send a card or gift, please email us at either or and we'll give you the address. It's totally not required, though!

Again, thank you for all of the kind words and well-wishes to Anthony and I! We hope you can make it!

(tagged as a NARP, even though there is an apparent reason for this party...)

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I was a Genesis kid. I had both it and the SNES, but I clung more fervently to the little black machine than anything Nintendo had to offer me. Now that I look back on it, I have more favorite games for the SNES than I do for the Genesis, but even so, I have retained a very soft spot in my heart for all things Sega.

That's why when my family chose to go the way of the N64 instead of the Saturn, an emptiness settled within me. It's not that I didn't like the N64; on the contrary, I loved the thing, and still do. It's just that I've always wanted a Saturn. When I was little, it was because I liked Sega and thought there was a 3D Sonic on the way for the console. When I was older and wiser, it was because of all the great games it had, particularly its shmups.

It would take the freedom of adulthood for me to be able to get my hands on a Dreamcast, and while it is an awesome console in its own rights, I was still left a bit empty. Today I come to you to excitedly announce that the empty space in my heart is now filled.

It all started with Sentry, who requested some artwork from me for his game store's anniversary celebration:

In exchange, I could have my choice of items from the store's stock of retro gamestuffs. The first thing I inquired about was, of course, a Saturn. And as luck would have it, he had one and was willing to make the trade!

I received the console a few weeks ago, along with a copy of Dark Wizard for the Sega CD (a console I someday wish to own as well), [img]Azure Dreams[/img] for the Playstation (awesome!), a copy of Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game for the Saturn (awesomely bad!) and a Saturn sampler CD. It's an MK-80000A model, with the logo a bit scratched, but it works like a charm and that's all that matters. I was so excited that I played all the way through the sampler (even the sports games!) and SF: TM: TG. After I was done, I quickly rushed to the Internet to order an Action Replay, thinking of all the Japanese Saturn games that I wanted to someday own.

A few days afterward, Anthony and I made a stop at our local Bookman's to see if they had any Saturn games in stock, so I could stop playing SF: TM: TG. It was mostly a few sports/fishing titles I didn't care about, but then I found this little gem:

Tengai Makyou: The Fourth Apocalypse! Sadly, I can't read a lick of Japanese, so this one will have to wait until I can/am patient enough to read a walkthrough, but from what I hear, it is a wacky, humorous game in the vein of Earthbound, which I'm all for. I also really love the 1890s wild west setting, even if it's terribly inaccurate. Especially because it's terribly inaccurate.

But this wasn't my "Holy Grail". It wasn't until yesterday that shit got real: as an early Christmas gift, Anthony got me the three games I haven't shut up about wanting ever since the Saturn arrived. As fate would have it, they arrived at exactly the same time as the Action Replay. Here's my new console family all together:

I'm now the proud owner of Gokujyo Parodius-Da! Deluxe Pack, Sexy Parodius, and Detana Twinbee Yahho-! Deluxe Pack, all in pristine condition and with their obi-strips. Now, this may not be that big a deal to most people, but I am the biggest cute-'em-up fan in the world. I love all shmups, don't get me wrong, but all my favorites are all bright, colorful and silly. That's just the way I like 'em, I suppose.

Anyway, before this point, I had only played what little of these series had come to the US and a little bit of Detana!! Twinbee, admiring everything else Twinbee and Parodius from afar. But now I suddenly have a lot more of it, and my personal Holy Grail, Sexy Parodius. I have been obsessed with the game for many years now, and have wanted nothing more than to play it on my television, to the point where I refused to even emulate it.

And holy crap, you guys. I can see why Sexy Parodius is held in such high regard. Now that I've played it for the first time, it's in the rankings for my favorite game ever. Also, I seem to be much better at Detana!! now that I've got a real console to play it on (as I not-emulated the PC Engine version beforehand). I still suck, but unlimited continues are on my side!

So, to recap, Sentry is awesome, Anthony is the best boyfriend ever, and the Sega Saturn is everything I could have ever wanted. And I own one! I finally own one!
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Hey doods! I made a cute little Halloween post last week after being inspired by my own costume making experience. I wanted to follow up with a more personal look at what I ended up wearing out in the crowded streets of Phoenix on Halloween night.

Here is a shot of the head, sans scarf. In my post, I suggested wearing a baseball cap to emulate the Prinny bill. I was originally going to end it there, but I wanted to look slightly more legit so I ran out and got some craft foam. The cap is still underneath it to kinda prop it up out of my eyes. I still couldn't see very well out of my periphery and bumped into people all night.

A side view of the Prinny. The wings were haphazardly made of felt and wire, and hot glued to the back of the hoodie at the last moment because I was scared that they were too heavy and would leave huge globs of glue on the back of the costume when they fell off. I was surprised when they held up really well the entire night, with no signs of loosening.

Another side view, this time, showing off the pouch. It is made out of stiff felt. I didn't use a pattern or anything, just kinda cut out shapes and glued them together, hoping for the best. Though, I do have a Ninja Turtles fanny pack in my possession I could have used instead..

From the front. Doing a Prinny salute. My knees are weird.

Last, but not least, a Prinny twirl!

The costume took me less than a day to put together. This day was spread out over the course of a few weeks because of some trial-and-error stuff (biggest lesson learned: hot glue solves EVERYTHING), but it was still around the lines of a 24 hour period of time. But even though I slapped it together, I'm still incredibly proud of the thing. I was one of the only game characters out, barring all the children dress as Mario and Luigi, the Pyramid Head and two Silent Hill nurses. I actually got recognized once (by a guy working in a frozen yogurt shop we* decided to stop at) and got asked to take a picture with a little girl who loved my outfit. I also got several "that's so cute!" and "WHAT THE FUCK?"s. All in all, I'd say my Prinny was a hit!

But even if it wasn't, the whole experience was a really fun one. It's been years since I've been able to dress up for Halloween, but from now on, I'll try not to miss any of them. Rest assured, whatever I make in the years to come will be shared with you all!

* I was with Anthony/President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
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Apologies for the absence last week. I figured that Destructoid's downtime would last a lot longer than it did, but while I was off playing videogames and figuring, "No one's on Dtoid right now!", people were on Dtoid right then. So let's just go ahead and light this candle.

You might have seen Togail's mindblowingly amazing drawing of a Night Elf earlier this week. He is looking to offer custom illustrations of WoW characters through his company. In addition to his style, I drew the same 'toon to give a second option; WoW characters drawn in my much more simplistic and cute style. The following is my interpretation of the same Blood Elf hunter.

Next is another piece I did for a Raven Harbor client. She wanted a cute, nerdy tattoo in my cute style. I was given a lot of creative freedom with this, and was having a little trouble focusing my direction. Then I saw Mikey's Tanooki Suit Mario and became inspired! I doodled a very serene Tanooki Mario of my own, and surrounded him with all of the other items of power in Mario 3's world. Yeah, I know I'm missing the P Wing, but I drew all the other items first and couldn't squeeze it in. Ah well. The client was very happy with the outcome, and hopefully, I'll get an update when she has the ink done.

I did this small, cute portrait for Molotov Cupcake, who is going to use it as a profile image on Spawn Kill one of these days. She's also currently using it as her Twitter avatar. :D

Lastly, here is the painting that I made for pixelpunx's wife (which is today!) as a birthday gift. It is a portrait of their two rabbits, Beatrice (the large white rabbit who has a mohawk) and Jean-Claude (the little brown guy). I really liked how it turned out, and reportedly, the wife was majorly happy with the gift. :) Hooray!

That's all for this week, but I will leave you with a question. I'm looking to get into Munny customization, and I want to make some videogame characters out of them. Who would you want to see Munny-ized? My first project is already underway, so hopefully it'll turn out as great as I think it will and you'll see it here soon!

Hey doods! Unfortunately, I don't have too much art to show you this week on account of a lot of exciting things that went on! I spent most of my time playing games, working on a painting for pixelpunx (which I will show off at a later time!), almost dying (see Podtoid for details), and getting hired on by the wonderful Togail's design studio, Raven Harbor! But I guess it's a good thing that I don't have so much stuff of my own to show off this week, because it gives me some room to display a few of the things I've received so far in exchange for my drawings!

First, here is the Lolo amigurumi that JusticeDude made me in exchange for the Jill/Morrigan drawing shown here last week. Let me tell you, he is absolutely amazing; he's very well made, and even stands up on his own, despite his roundness. I encourage everyone who loves cute things to check out the others he has made on his DeviantArt account. I'm sure he'll make you one too if you ask nicely!

Secondly, good 'ol Diverse sent me Mystical Ninja 64 out of the kindness of his heart (or willingness to learn my address, I'm not sure which), which I got in the mail the same day as Lolo. I have already lived my childhood dream of completing the game in its entirety. See, it was my favorite N64 game, but the only place I ever found it was in the rental store. So I would rent it nearly every weekend, and only ever got to play the beginning parts over and over because I didn't have a memory card. I still don't have one, but after keeping the N64 on for two days straight, I got to the end! I think I still love the game as much as I ever did. One of the best N64 games, in my opinion.

Okay, this one wasn't actually from anyone, but I wanted to show my Little King's Story preorder bonus off. This little guy is an Onii, possibly one of the cutest enemies to ever appear in a game. He is a stress reliever, but I can't stand to squeeze that precious little head. Oh, and Little King's Story is great as well.

Group shot of my new stuff sitting among my older accumulated crap. Lolo and Prinny are best friends!

Okay, now we can finally get to the art!

This piece is another commission from Bwark-Kupo. He wanted me to do something for a friend of his who is in the hospital; specifically, make him into Ephraim from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. So I did! I tried to make it as majestic as I possibly could. I'm especially proud of the horse, as I haven't drawn one in years, and they used to give me a lot of trouble.

Next, here is the samurai that Yojimbo has always wanted! He either fell asleep while meditating, or is vigilant enough to sleep halfway up. He'll snap awake and to his feet when the time calls for it, I'm sure!

Lastly, here is another K.K. Slider album cover. Yes, I like K.K. a lot... what of it?

I promise I'll have more done next week! :< But I hope you enjoy what's here now.