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SimCity 5 Review -Ash

Before I begin I would like to start off by asking since when did EA become the Nazi of the gaming world? No seriously I want to know, I was talking to a number of my friends about the new SimCity they would go on talking about how much they would like to play it, but they wonít by the game simple because itís EA that published it. That reason is so fucking stupid, you wonít buy a game you want because the money will go to the Baby eating division of EA? Then theyíll go on at length about how evil and money hungry they are, but EA is a business isnít? That the goal of a business is to make money? But not even that EA does put out good games such as Sims 3 (all Sims 3 expansions packs, yes I said it deal with it) but people will not buy them because they cannot believe that a large successful company makes money from it? But heyho back with SimCity review.
I hold the Sims closet to my heart Iíve played them all and loved them all, even the all the Sims 3 expansions packs I love. When I heard that SimCity 5 was coming out I was jumping for joy, even when I heard that it always needs a connection to the internet to play I wasnít put off. However, after hearing other peopleís opinions on the game I was a little confused: no one actually talked about the game itself, but instead talked about how evil EA is and how DRM killed their parents and gave it low reviews yet not even talked about SimCity 5 itself.

For all of you that donít know what SimCity 5 is let me give you a quick rundown. You are mayor of a plot of land and you need to build a city from the grown up, starting with trailers parks and slowly grow your way to a city lined with Skyscrapers. All the while you are building the game itself will try anything in its power to shit on your parade by throwing Earthquakes, tornados, and Giant Lizards at you to stop any plans you had.

I myself tried at building myself a Las Vegas style city, with the ĎCity Specialityí system in SimCity 5 this is done very easily. I started off with a small mini town in the top corner of my town, with small residential and commercial section. Once I had a stable income of money and most of the basic needs of my city was taken care of I started on my seaside Las Vegas, at the start it was fine I had two gambling houses up and running making a profit and my mini town slowly became a city taking up most of the top of my map. This is when the downfall of my city began, you see I was just throwing random roads and parks anywhere when the demand for works or job came up this cased the all the roads were backed up with traffic and because the driving AI is so fucking retarded fixing this became a problem. When I get a demand for workers as soon as I fix it, there will be a demand for jobs and I got stuck in this loop for fixing one problems and creating a new one. My city soon ran out of room, and the demand for jobs and workers was still high, with the residents moving out of town because they had no jobs, and job shutting down because of no workers my city slowly started to die.

But wait there more! At the start I built oil power plants to keep my city powered this was fine, until the oil ran out. You see I play on my own in my region which meant there was no oil being mined anywhere, so mimicking Earthís future the oil ran out, causing my power to be knocked out. This was follow in seconds by a meteor attacked on my beloved city, and because of no power this meant that all my services was shut down. This caused massive damage to my city, destroying one of my casinos, school, and homes. On top of that, because of no power, meant no money coming in to the city, which also lead to be making a loss of -8k per hour. This is what ended up killing my city; I ran out of power and didnít have the money for bonds. But, after I raged quitted from the game I notice that Iíve been playing for 10 hours straight.

This is why I think SimCity is a good game I manage to put in 10 hours into a city in one city without even knowing. The game looks amazing, its super fun, and I recommend playing with a friend.
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