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1st entry: Silent Bomber

Boy, where do I start. Well, I've been leeching around PSPISO as of late and I came across this. An very fun game that was so underated it's disgusting. Features very fast action, voice acting's crap, but the rest allow's y...


About ArynThysisone of us since 5:47 PM on 10.15.2007

Hey, I'm Aryn and you guessed it, I like games. I'm here to talk to ya about games a like, stuff I do, and crap like that. I like to draw, I occasionally consider myself an artist. I like to collect imports, and models, and dodads and things of the like. And this'll be my blog were I'll talk to ya about that stuff. So yeah.....:D

(incase your wondering, the disc access thing a is a dumb joke from what i consider to be a bad game)

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