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Hey, I'm Aryn and you guessed it, I like games. I'm here to talk to ya about games a like, stuff I do, and crap like that. I like to draw, I occasionally consider myself an artist. I like to collect imports, and models, and dodads and things of the like. And this'll be my blog were I'll talk to ya about that stuff. So yeah.....:D

(incase your wondering, the disc access thing a is a dumb joke from what i consider to be a bad game)
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Boy, where do I start. Well, I've been leeching around PSPISO as of late and I came across this. An very fun game that was so underated it's disgusting. Features very fast action, voice acting's crap, but the rest allow's you to forgive it. This video will do more than I ever could by describing it. P.S.- has a wicked versus as well Definately look for it if you've got some spare cash. Whattya think?