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Arttemis avatar 11:58 PM on 06.11.2008  (server time)
Wal-Mart 80GB MGS4 PS3s... (Update)

If you're interested in buying one at midnight in your respective time-zone, be aware that (as far as I know) every Wal-Mart outlet will be receiving ONLY SIX 80GB BUNDLES.

This is true even if they have claimed every day since Friday last week that they haven't gotten any, won't get any, and won't be selling them. Those were lies.

I found this out after driving to the Wal-Mart on the far side of town that said it had received a shipment of bundles. Getting there at 11:50pm, I found a quaint line of six people... all of whom told me that "every store was getting only six."
I told them about the outlet only minutes from my house which said it wouldn't be selling any, and the employee told me that they've had six as well.

Cool, so that store lied to me every day for a week.

When I finally get back to my side of town, I see a group of guys walking out of the stores with the last of the white bundles.

In case anyone is planning on purchasing the bundles from Wal-Mart specifically for the $100 giftcard, make sure to arrive unreasonably early; they will only have six to sell.

Don't worry, though. Best Buy is matching their deals by offering their own $100 giftcards for every BluRay player.
(or so I thought)

So I arrived at Best Buy this morning, which was smart enough to stock a whopping 40 bundles in a nice mountain to the right of the entrance, and I snagged the glorious PS3! W00t!!!

(Make sure to read the fine print)

Unfortunately, Best Buy's policy to honor the Father's Day $100 giftcards is completely dependent on local Wal-Mart inventory. Since the three Wal-Marts in town were sold out, they technically weren't offering the deal anymore, and according to Best Buy, that absolves them from having to honor it as well.

I was eventually told that if Wal-Mart gets any in stock before their Father's Day offer ends, I can have my receipt altered to give me the $100.
Great, it looks like I'll be calling each store daily until Sunday to see if they receive any more.

Wal-Mart's business model already had me uneasy about shopping there, but after lying to my face about stocking the bundles (which I'm sure was some kind of twisted policy to prevent any from being sold early), they have absolved me from ever having to shop there again.
And now that Best Buy wants to hide behind their competitors' inventory numbers to prevent me from obtaining a gift card for which they said I was eligible, I'll be less likely to shop there as well. I guess that makes me a bad customer.

Oh well, I'm definitely glad to have a brand new, backwards compatible, shiny PS3!
Here's to enjoying FNFs with the other half of Dtoid now!

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