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Arttemis avatar 12:51 PM on 04.09.2008  (server time)
My God! Ikaruga is even better now!

I'm not going to claim that I'm anywhere near decent at Ikaruga. I will, however, say that I've loved the game since my friend popped a homemade disc of assorted shooters into his Dreamcast several years ago at another friend's apartment. Its quality was obvious compared to the other games on that disc and it still really stands as an interactive piece of art.

(See? Art.)

As soon as I got out of the shower this morning, I hit up Xbox Live to snatch a copy before heading to class. This is my first time actually owning a copy of the game. Before, I was relegated to calling 'dibs' on my friends' copies, and though I miss playing it on an arcade stick (I can't say I enjoy the shitty D-pad on my 360 controller), I'm ecstatic to pick-up-them-sticks whenever I feel like it!
Seriously, anyone who enjoys this genre needs to contribute their part toward ending the Ikarugitis Plague, which afflicts everyone who doesn't have the game.

Really, though - I'm sure most people here know all that's needed to know about this game - it's great. The point of this post was just to express how amazing the online components of the newly ported XLBA version are.

With the new additions, not only can you play with friends (or some random douche bags) online, but you can actually save your best attempts as replays to watch later. There is a slight drawback, however; the replay function only works on the game's default settings - 3 lives, no continues.
But don't fear! anyone whose high-score replay is saved is sharing it via the XBLA Leaderboards! Just peruse your way to the top of the list and revel in the ability to save the person's exact play. You're even given 50 save-slots! I'd say that definitely makes up for the restrictions on when you can save.

(Want to see level 5? You don't need the U-toob anymoar!)

I remember years ago scouring 'teh intarwebz' for videos of what came after level 4, and finding only several small sites with one or two videos of each level. Granted, they were unbelievably awesome videos, but limited selection always sucks. Now, though, I can watch all the latest bad asses do their thing - and not in shitty video quality, but the in-game engine!
I now have perfect video evidence of my failings at this game, and I love it.

This gives players the largest single source for amazing Ikaruga gameplay. I've already seen half a dozen different strategies that I really want to try out on my own. As small of a feature this may be, I see it extending the life of this game that is otherwise already addictive even more.

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