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Artimecion's blog

3:50 AM on 09.05.2008

Spore Fail =(

Bah, so got Spore Galactic Edition and there are some server issues resulting in SPOREFAIL ZOMG. There seems to be a worrying trend with new games with online features/requiring online verification with the servers totally f...   read

10:18 AM on 09.01.2008

ASDA story

I'm probably hideously behind with this one, but I just stumbled upon it and it made be giggle for a few seconds... but one of those ever-increasing-in-number free MMOs is called Asda Story. (I think Asda is probably a UK onl...   read

11:19 AM on 08.06.2008

My PoV: Final Fantasy X

I'm not sure quite why I've decided to do this, but somehow this idea popped into my head after an incredibly lazy day at work.. Before I start, I'll point out that these are entirely my own musings and I'm absolutely not sa...   read

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