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My "HOLY ^#@*!" what an awesome day post.

Been such a great day, I just have to brag a little bit... I work in a refinery as a Project Controller. For the past year and a half or so, I've had to share an office with various lackeys like estimators, administrative a...


Lost Odyssey Official Site Live

http://lostodyssey.jp/ As a fan of Mistwalker (Blue Dragon has proven to be a VERY good buy so far)... I can't wait for this title now. FYI, this site is mostly in Japanese...but is still browsable thanks to the English headers. E3 movie and some new and old screenshots inside. Enjoy.


Blue Dragon Impressions (Hard Mode)

Thanks to Snaileb's impressions (Here and Here) I picked up a copy of Blue Dragon this past weekend (I needed something new to do with Bioshock beaten at 960 achievement points I might add... just need to beat it on hard ...


Destructoid Video Game Fantasy League

I wanted to check interest levels on the idea of running a Destructoid Video Game Fantasy League for at least the remainder of 2007. Here's the idea: We get like 20 people or so and break them up in a random order from 1 t...


Why are WASD keys the norm? Why not ESDF?

Something has been bothering me for quite a long time and I figured this would be a good place to ask some of you how you feel about this. Why are the WASD keys the default method for controlling movement in (predominantly...


Blogging Dragon Quest

So.. for last couple of months... I've been blogging my way through Dragon Quest at http://bloggingdq.wordpress.com. I was inspired by the guy doing the same for Ultima that made its way around the intertubes a few months bac...


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