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5:00 PM on 04.21.2010

Dead Rising 2 Captivate Trailer Analysis

Capcom has just released the latest trailer for Dead Rising 2 and it is epic. Chuck Greene has lots of issues, but hes not alone. We are introduced to two women and his daughter in the trailer. There also seems to be talk of how Chuck has been framed for something. We sat down with the trailer and looked very closely, and we would like to share our observations and analysis. Hit the jump for what we think is going on.

First up we see that Chuck has a cute little girl named Katey whom must protect. Katey is sadly infected by the same zombie bug thatís gotten everyone else in Fortune City. Chuck must find ďZombrex and administerĒ, an zombie suppressant drug, that will keep her from joining the ranks of the undead. Whether Katey will be a constant escort mission we donít know. But after Farcry 2, Iím a bit hesitant about the whole getting-medicine-to-stay-alive thing. It could be an issue that will make the game less enjoyable.

Otisís annoying ass is gone! Instead we have a young and pretty woman. Her name is still unknown but she seems to be Chuckís primary source of intel and she seems to watch over Katey when your gone. Most likely she will be in the main security room feeding you information about missions, observations and tips. In the trailer it also appears that at first shes suspicious of Chuck as if he had something to do with this outbreak, but eventually becomes his aid. As long as she doesnít call us every 5 minutes with something we donít care about, and then yelling at us for hanging up we will like her.

Zombies are fucking pissed. In Dead Rising when sundown occurred, the zombies would become a bit more ferocious and sport glowing red eyes. That seems to be back in Dead Rising 2, but a lot more prevalent. In the trailer, zombies attacking zombies can be seen. This may mean that if provoked the zombies may attack anything in sight; even each other. With a promised 7000 zombies on screen, a massive blood, and gore slaughter fest could happen if the right conditions are met (Nice).

Vehicles are DEFINITELY getting a major overhaul in Dead Rising 2. In the first game there were several gas powered vehicles that were mostly constricted to the outside portions of Willamette Mall, and the underground. Cars, a truck and a bike could be used but no stunts. Now with our new motocross champion protagonist Chuck Green, we can experience some awesome zombie kills while driving. Chuck doesnít seem constricted to outside areas as well. Heís seen driving his ride in and out of buildings.

Isabella is totally back. Why else would her identity be shrouded? This time shes a reporter, shes probably doing this to stop the zombie outbreak and honor Frank West (aww). His fate in the first game is still up to debate and we may find out. Seeing as how she appears alone, we think that Frank may be gone, but he could possibly be acting behind the scenes. Isabella created a partial zombie antidote in Dead Rising, and Zombex may be her work. She could possibly be a primary source of help against little Kateyís infection, or she could be a bad ass like she was in the first game. It would be great to have at least one returning character.

Dead Rising 2 is looking to be (excuse me from taking a page from Cliff Bleszinski) Bigger, Better, and more Badass. We canít wait for August 31st.

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