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Arsenic13's blog

6:09 PM on 03.26.2014

Shut Up, Kid!

12 year olds are the most detestable group in multiplayer gaming. The moniker “12 year olds” is not representative of the actual age of the children within this group, but the connotation is quickly and generally associated...   read

6:16 PM on 03.24.2014

A Plea for Penis - Striving for Realism and Maturity in Games

Nudity in video games has been a mostly one sided affair – with the amount of visible female anatomy far outweighing that of men. Video games have featured women completely nude, breasts and groins exposed. Similarly to the...   read

8:58 AM on 12.31.2013

My Top 5 GOTY List: Twink Edition (Dante / Raiden)

[font=Bitter, sans-serif][/font] So, like all the cool kids have done, I too have written my own GOTY list. There are five games listed in no particular order, and you may or may not agree with them. Check em out! The Stanl...   read

7:13 PM on 10.18.2013

Getting Thoughtful, Alright?

It has been a month since Grand Theft Auto V released on consoles. Millions of copies were sold in a matter of days, making this game the biggest entertainment property to date. As I watch friends and internet communities r...   read

9:58 AM on 09.19.2013

Rated E for Me

I remember a time when I could become fixated on a video game for weeks, months even. Hour upon the hour counting down as my childhood imagination became satisfied by what I saw on the screen and accomplished with a controll...   read

10:22 AM on 03.14.2011

Horror Game Pitch: Venom

Venom has to be one of the most interesting Marvel characters ever created. Since I was a kid, he’s been my favorite. Eddie Brock and the black alien symbiote used to give me child hood envy and I wished I could have a cool...   read

8:48 PM on 03.01.2011

Defining Survival Horror

What defines a horror game as survival horror? What aspects differentiate the genres? I wanted to take a look at how people view the survival horror genre in whole. I’ve sent out a request to several people behind horror ...   read

11:22 AM on 02.21.2011

Suitable Mention in Horror: Breakdown

In this installment of Suitable Mention in Horror I’ve decided to go back a few years and talk about one of my favorite games of all time. The game is Breakdown. I’ve always stated that this game deserves a sequel, and disc...   read

8:58 PM on 06.15.2010

Dead Space 2 E3 Trailer Analysis

Visceral Games has released the latest Dead Space 2 trailer, and let us tell you; it’s epic. There’s loads of things going on and you might miss some of them, so we took the time to delve deep into the trailer and try to sq...   read

8:15 PM on 04.29.2010

“CONVERGE” Message Hidden In Dead Space 2 Trailer

O.K., we know that we have obsessive issues, but we can’t help it! Looking back at the trailer, we found the message “CONVERGE” flash onto Isaac’s face. It makes sense with the whole “Make us whole again.” line. So yeah, we...   read

5:15 PM on 04.25.2010

I Just Found Out I Won A D-Toid Contest...(3 Months Ago)

Allow me to actually "blog" this time instead of posting my own articles, or what ever you wish to call them. Seeing as I just started to look at the underbelly of Destructoid when I posted my first blog post about the late...   read

11:58 AM on 04.24.2010

Backwards Compatibility Is Important

I have decided to bring up the issue of Backwards Compatibility. Something that was important to many, but has slowly slipped out of our minds. When a video game console is “Backwards Compatible” it can play games from its p...   read

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