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Arsenic13 avatar 8:58 PM on 06.15.2010  (server time)
Dead Space 2 E3 Trailer Analysis

Visceral Games has released the latest Dead Space 2 trailer, and let us tell you; it’s epic. There’s loads of things going on and you might miss some of them, so we took the time to delve deep into the trailer and try to squeeze as much info as we could. Hit the jump for our analysis of the newly released Dead Space 2 trailer.

The Sprawl is a large colony and it’s vast and pretty. We can see here Isaac taking a good look at his new location. Most likely this scene is close to the beginning of the game. Around the :30 second mark, Isaac says, “Where the hell am I?!” He must have been transported to the colony for some reason against his will.

Isaac is crazy. Plain and simple. The Marker’s psychological effects can be seen more clearly in the Dead Space animated comic and Dead Space: Extraction. People start to see things and eventually go completely mad. The only person that is know to be immune is Lexine Murdoch. Isaac is not. While we may not have seen much hallucinations in the original Dead Space (besides the whole ending twist), Dead Space 2 seems to be all about Isaac and his “unique form” of dementia. He’s seeing symbols, so is an unknown survivor that can be heard at around :54 seconds. The Marker seems to have..well, left its mark on the survivors of the Aegis VII incident. Isaac also looks a lot spiffier, as well skinnier this time around. Being crazy is a great diet we hear.

Isaac is receiving help from a mysterious woman, we believe it to be Lexine Murdoch from Dead Space: Extraction due to her similar accent. The whole Aegis VII incident has also been covered up, no record or signs of what happened exist, The Government being behind it all. Necromorphs aren’t the only threat either as it seems. Isaac can be seeing being fired upon from 1:15 onward. Perhaps the very same people who created The Marker, and employed Kendra have erased Isaac’s memory and now want him dead after he escapes their captivity. Right now a sort of Aliens Resurrection thing is on our mind. The hero survives, leaves with something from the incident, in this case severe dementia (perhaps something else), and now the people behind it want to study him or just keep him shut. But if they did have him in captivity, why not kill him? As you can tell, we’ve seen way too many films.

There will certainly be some epic boss battles. Look at these ugly bastards. The one above has saggy tits!, scary. The one above seems to us like a miniboss though, not quite a full fledged fight, but taxing enough to not be considered an average enemy type. The 2nd (the first image) looks to be a full boss. During the E3 demonstrations Isaac can be seen fleeing it. Necromorphs has certainly gotten bigger and more vicious.

And now for the hidden messages in the Unitologist language that Visceral loves using for cryptic messages. Let’s go through the three we found.

The word “Ignition” can be found at :37, :41, :49, and :50, 1:07 and at 1:12.

The following two lines were spotted twice. As far as we know we have found everything. If not, join the forum and leave a comment.

All in all, Dead Space 2 is looking to be a very good game. The action portions are intense and create lots of tension. It’s scary action! Something Resident Evil 5 couldn’t wrap it’s head around. Look for Dead Space 2 in stores January 25th.

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