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1:02 PM on 04.29.2013

Devils Advocate: Those tits are blocking your face

My first article so bear with me as I try my best to get the idea across while keeping the pics SFW.

Not too long ago we had an article entitled in defense of boobies. Let me set the record straight ďI have no issue with boobiesĒ. If anything I would love to see more developed sexy characters in games. What struck me more about the article is some of the comments. Not that they were vulgar or ugly but consensus seemed to be that Realism in fantasy games was moot or not necessary which justified the existence of said disproportionate characters. Iíll take on realism another time but for nowÖ


I want to pose a few questions first. Does the fact that a game is a fantasy game justify its use of characters with tits bigger than a 3 year old child? Is the inclusion of said tits really necessary/ will it change the experience or overall message of the story in a meaningful way? Would it still have been the same without the super proportions?

My take:

I donít believe that the simple title of fantasy can justify the use of super tits if they were never really needed to begin with. Letís confront one of the most obvious things about having characters with over emphasized tits. To be honest the primary inclusion of a character like that would be because sex sells. What would attract more attention?

Or this:

The second one would at the very least catch the eyes of those that pass by not to mention the people that would buy it because it has oversized tits. Most of them arenít buying the game for the deep story because a lot of them barely flesh out the character beyond the generic standings (and levels of fun are debatable, done better elsewhere or mediocre at best). Granted a few exceptions apply but this isn't a majority case otherwise you would not be reading this right now. These characters were placed in solely for sale based on sex; these characters are nothing beyond toys, things to be looked at to fulfill male gratification. Is that a good enough reason? No it isnít, if it was then a whole slew of other instances would be justifiable as well.

There is nothing wrong with having tits in a game but there has to be a line somewhere between sexy and overly sexualized object.

A Sexy character is relatable to certain degrees. She doesnít have to have the biggest bust or be paper thin. You can see that this character is comfortable with their sexuality and is empowered. She has more to offer than just looks and that isnít their primary point of awesomeness. They bring more to the table overall and as a character has more depth. They have the splendor of skyrim and the depth of majoras mask.

An overly sexualized object is like an Easter egg. It looks good on the outside but on the inside it is hollow and unfulfilling. A worthless piece of plastic that could have been left out. They lack personality and exist simply as a good looking object.

What we end up getting most of the time is the object, something to be gawked at, God forbid they have more depth than a puddle on a hot day in May or look a little more realistic in the sense that their proportions are accurate. You lose nothing in your story or gameplay by shrinking the tits down to a believable size. The only thing youíre left with is a more anatomically correct character and less testosterone. With that said I bring forth my next point.

Artistic freedom is not enough to justify the use of super tits. I can take the liberty and use my artistic freedom to create a scene where a man guts a child and proceeds to dance in its entrails, artistic freedom makes this no less vulgar or offensive. Artistic freedom is very close to personal insight/creativity or preference. Just because something is alright with me on a personal level doesnít make it alright in any sense of the word as I can still be wrong, crass, vulgar, or offensive. Telling somebody to get over it doesnít make it any more right either (to extents mind you). DoA may not be the same game without its use of massive tits but the core of the game would still be the same and in the end I donít think that the creators art will suffer from a small look at a real woman.

I am not against tits. I am against the shallow objects that have the lionís share of the industry. I am an older brother with a little sister. It is bad enough that she is lambasted at every turn with ads telling her whatís beautiful and with games or movies that show a level of perfection unrealistic and unattainable. Why canít we send the message that youíre beautiful just the way you are, that there is more for you in life. Every day I tell her that she is fine the way she is because if I donít as her family than nothing else on this earth will and thatís a shame. Why canít we have characters that are more than a mobile tit transporter? Tits arenít the problem. Itís the lack of substance behind those tits and the intention of their inclusion.   read

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