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I'm in college for a degree in audio engineering.
I used to do quite a bit of web development.
I like writing. And I am from Louisiana.

That's all, bye...

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This is almost the most awesome video ever.

This happened in 1992. Some Yakuza guy has a shotgun.

He strikes fear into the hearts of the police because they don't shoot him even though he's outnumbered.

They don't show it but he gets in a fight with the police later.

Shotguns are the most manliest weapon ever. I wish they had Yakuza where I live.
(Okay, not really.)

I saw this on

I'm too good for media coverage...

Where is Ike? I've seen game-play trailers and new screen-shots all over the place. Haven't seen Ike at all.

I blame it on Sonic! Maybe...people see his blue, messy hair and think..."sonic....more about sonic....upload game-play footage of sonic..."

I even saw some game-play. Right before they start the match, Ike was selected, but some retard from Gamespot or somewhere changes to Sonic instead.

Maybe he's just too good for media coverage. When is the last time you played a good Sonic game? When's the last time you played a good Fire Emblem game? Clearly, "good game" and "Sonic" should never exist within the same sentence ever! It's probably grammatically incorrect by now.

Yeah, yeah. Sonic did have some good game..a few decades ago! But greatness can easily be cloaked by mediocrity if you just keep piling it on. Sonic's once great name is now stained because of that and I honestly don't see why anyone cares for him anymore.

Ike's the character I'm looking forward to playing as the most. I do believe Nintendo said that Ike would be a heavier fighter (not my playstyle) than the likes of Marth and Roy, but I was okay with that. I love Fire Emblem. Ike wasn't necessarily my favorite Lord, but he is probably the most powerful out of all of them. I say that because you have to fight the last boss in Fire Emblem 9 alone with Ike, rather than develop some complex strategy to win with your whole team. Then again, the last boss in Path of Radiance wasn't a three story tall dragon.

Roy and Marth were my favorite characters in Melee. I'm going to be seriously pissed off if they don't make it back into Brawl. When Ike was announced as a playable character, I really took it as the greatest news about the game, for me personally. I thought that if Ike could make it, perhaps other Lords from Fire Emblem games could make the roster as well. I was really expecting someone from Fire Emblem 7...perhaps Eliwood (Roy's dad), Hector, or Lyndis...

I want to play too...

And she did make an assist trophy! I'm being pretty ridiculous when I say this, but I find this insulting. I was not a happy camper that morning when I woke up to that RSS feed. Lyn was an amazing character. Hundreds of characters from the games would have made good trophies.

I'm over Lyn...I really am...mainly because of the possibility that Nintendo will make up for this horrible atrocity.

Two characters from Fire Emblem I do hope make it, are Eirika and Ephriam - the siblings and Lords and from Fire Emblem 8 (Sacred Stones).

I'm not getting my hopes up just in case Nintendo decided to make an assist trophy out of them as well. On top of Ike, Marth and Roy, I do expect at least one more Fire Emblem character to make it on the Brawl roster. By the time it comes out, Fire Emblem 10 (Radiant Dawn) will have come out so we might see someone from that game like Sothe, Sothe would be interesting since he's a thief/assassin class character...he wouldn't play like the others at all.

I love to say this, but I'd absolutely love a Fire Emblem only fighting game. Maybe like Smash, but not exactly the same. You could then go for more of a traditional fighting game model. If you've ever played any of the games in depth, you'll find you tend to get very attached to each one of your units. You'll turn crazy and start talking to them as if they can hear you...yell at them when they miss an attack - howl is agony if one dies..and you then promptly restart the level or turn off the game and stomp out of the room. Okay, maybe that's just me.

Anyhow, Fighter Emblem would be a sweet game just for the sheer amount of characters you could play as. The starting roster could be huge and with Connect24, you could add more and more. I'm dreaming of course, but that is pretty much one of my dream games. Rutger was one of my favorite swordmasters ever, I'd kill to play as him in a fighting game. And Fir, and Zihark, and Nephenee, and Lucia. It's a pipe-dream of course but whatever. Maybe Nintendo will wise up and take advantage of this opportunity.

Okay, I'm done. That was really long for stupid rant about something insignificant. I need help...

I commend you if you read it all.
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5:06 PM on 10.12.2007

CLANNAD is this new show - one everybody's talking about. I usually try to avoid those shows with the monster sized, probably telescopic eyeballs. But I threw caution to the wind here and went ahead bit the bullet. CLANNAD is produced by Visual Key, who made Kanon and Air - two shows I've never seen nor had the urge to see.

Anyways, the first episode of CLANNAD is alright. This girl named Tomoyo is in it. She's cool. She beats up some guys on mopeds with suggestively shaped hair-dos. Two things that sort of bugged me about her. First her name sounds almost the same with the main character's, Tomoya. That was really a low point in my life - the whole name confusion, but I'm over it now thankfully. Second thing, she has grey hair. Not exactly something normally to be bugged about, but who's normal these days?

Can someone explain the whole grey hair thing?
I understand blue hair, green hair, pink hair...

But grey?


Actually it's kinda hot...grey hair...not old people...

Yes I am just doing this just to draw attention.
You are now being attacked on your left flank.
Great job, you lost skirmish!


Saracasm aside, I'm really digging the new Fire Emblem and Advance Wars for DS. I like this new gritty and (more) mature style and feel.

Square, take note of what Nintendo is doing and add what you've learned from your experiences to those atrocious Crystal Chronicle games you plan on releasing.
Little kids with melon sized heads DO NOT APPEAL TO ME!

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So I see this trailer the other night from TGS for this game called Operation: Darkess. As I'm watching it, I'm thinking...Hidden & Dangerous...Advance Wars...Resident Evil...Call of Duty...Final Fantasy...

I then decided to do something hundreds of people have been telling - harassing - pleading - begging me to do for the past two to three years: buy an Xbox 360! If this game is half as fun as it looks and doesn't take me less than two weeks to beat (a few months would be nice), it's definitely worth the purchase of the console.

WWII is one of my favorite subjects both as a hobby in general and as video game genre. I loved Fire Emblem/Advance wars and the deep strategy and emotional attachment you have for the characters after playing the game for so long. This game seems to be a great fusion of the two genres, even it if's way over nippon-a-tized. It was announced a while back, and I'm surprised I haven't heard about a seemingly absurd game, such as Operation: Darkness before now.

Yeah! Go ahead! Laugh at me! I don't care! Video games are like Apple Jacks and I, for one, eat what I like! You'd be surprised at how good polycarbonate plastic, aluminum and lacquer tastes crumbled up into a big porcelain bowl doused with ice old Foremost 2% Milk and topped with a thick layer of sweet, scrumptious delicious strawberries! Mmmm!

Longer, more cinematic trailer below. Has a lot more of the fantasy elements in it as well.
(Better music too!)

Please tell me you're at least slightly intrigued by this game just from the strange, bizarre enigma this game creates just by existing in the first place!

If not, what two genres, that wouldn't normally get along together in your typical/traditional/ orthodox/kosher video game, combined?

Ahh! Our first glimpse at the Rygar for Wii. I will go ahead and be honest and say I am somewhat impressed. Some of the cut-scenes, animations and the voice over work left more to be desired but the gameplay ... THE GAMEPLAY looks pretty awesome. I never played the old school Rygar so I don't really know if this can live up to it's predecessors or not. But the combat and ... just how stylish it seemed to be really caught my eye.

Will I be picking up this game based solely on this trailer alone? Probably not! I will be keeping my eye on this game though.