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ArrestedDeveloper's blog

1:35 AM on 02.26.2010

CSI: Mass Effect





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9:47 PM on 11.08.2009

Thriller Chiptune

It rocks, what more can be said?

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12:38 PM on 07.29.2009

Thank you RetroforceGO!/My new console

I don't know about you but RetroforceGo! has an odd effect on me. It might be Chad's optimism or Topher's pessimism or possibly even Dyson's pizzarollism but when they talk about things I have a powerful urge to buy stuff I didn't even know existed before I started the podcast. Up till now it hasn't been anything too substantial, a couple of Snes cartridges here (how the heck do unicycles race by them self?) a couple old school rpgs there, ( Guilty?! Just because I picked up a damn locket before I talked to her?!) on the whole RetroforceGo! has pointed me toward a lot of great stuff I'd missed out on growing up as a PC kid.

As any regular listener knows each cast member has a few things they love that tend to be brought up on a regular basis. Dyson loves pizza rolls and the Goodwill, Colette loves chocobos, Chad loves dolphins and abusing the elderly, Stella loves Japanese rhythm games I've never heard of, and Topher loves slurpees and the Dreamcast. So after years of hearing how awesome the Dreamcast is from the gang at Retroforce I finally took the plunge and bought a used DC from my boss. For the reasonable price of $40, he sold me the console and game collection pictured below:

I've sampled most of the games and have to say I'm pretty happy with my purchase. The system seems to have a lot of heart and I can't wait to get a little deeper into some of these games. I'll throw out the generic "I've bought a new system what games should I buy" question, any suggestions are appreciated.

So once again thanks RetroforceGo! for continually broadening my horizons and keeping me endlessly entertained. Here's to you.

And now for something completely different.

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7:25 PM on 04.04.2009

My Tax Refund Shopping Spree

Most people hate taxes, personally I love 'em. Why you ask? First off, to date I haven't been able to put the money together to buy my own Destroyer class ship or SR-71 Blackbird. Second, even though the government forcibly takes more money out of my check then they're supposed to and I don't receive interest on that money, they're really saving me money that I would have probably just wasted on worthless DLC (I'm looking at you Resident Evil 5).

So after receiving my tax refund this year and paying off my credit card debt (debt free bitches!) I decided to go out and buy a few things I'd been want the past few months but didn't have the disposable income to justify.


I've read, played or watched a little of everything already and I gotta say I'm as happy as kid in a blowjob shop.

*And now for something completely different.


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5:50 AM on 04.01.2009

Next Metal Gear Protagonist Revealed! (A.K.A. Kojima Production's April Fools Joke Video)

Oh Kojima Productions, you so crazy.

Watch it here.

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2:47 AM on 03.06.2009

Smoking Deal: Incredibad only 1.99 on Amazon

Do you enjoy jizzing your pants on boats as much as I do? If so you can pick up The Lonely Island's (Andy Samberg and crew) first album Incredibad, which is currently amazon's mp3 album deal of the day. For the 2 bucks you'll get hits like Lazy Sunday, Jizz in My Pants, and I'm on a Boat (feat. T-Pain).

"Believe me when I say, I f**ked a mermaid"

The album is exactly 10 dollars cheaper than it is on iTunes, the only difference being that you'll be missing out on the 8 videos that come with the iTunes version. Not to worry though, you can purchase the amazon album and the 3 videos that are actually good for cheaper than just sticking with iTunes.

"I Jizz in my pants"

I can't vouch for the entire album yet but for a couple bucks it's hard to pass up the deal. If you interested act fast, the album deals only last a day or two.

And now for something completely different

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5:29 PM on 02.24.2009

Chad Approved Economic Stimulus Package

Now that I see it all laid out, I realize this is the only way.

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2:27 AM on 02.12.2009

Billy Mays calls out Vince (NVGR)

About a month I started a poll on the forums to help me settle a bet with a couple pals. The argument started while watching tv with a couple of friends when back to back commercials of Billy Mays selling mighty putty and Vince selling shamwow came on. As you can imagine this spawned what some might call the greatest debate of all time. Who is the greatest salesman in history?

Sides were quickly picked, some chose the bearded messianic figure Billy Mays while others chose the crafty upstart Vince. Barbs were thrown back and forth mocking headsets, voice volume, and the true quality of German products. Then the argument took an unforeseen turn when the phrase "They ain't got shit on Ron Popeil" was uttered. This brought up questions like "Why would I want to make my own pasta?" and "When was the last time you drove by a pond and had the urgent desire to fish?". So the poll was born, mainly to settle a bet, more importantly to decide who was the greatest salesman of all time.

As is the case in life, the plebeians squabbled in their hut while the kings fought on the battlefield. Some shit went down at the Super Bowl, and Billy Mays is pissed. He retells the story during an interview on the Adam Carolla Show and goes on a tirade about how Vince is knocking off his products. It all culminates when Billy calls out Vince and challenges him to a Pitch Off. Check out the clip then vote on the poll. Who is the highlander of salesman, for there can be only one.

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7:27 PM on 02.03.2009

Mass Effect 2 gets a launch window. Arrested Developer gets a boner.

What glorious news, I must say. Even Jim Sterling and his terrible taste in games can't ruin today because Mass Effect 2 has been given a launch window. Sure it's not an exact date and yes it's about a year away but early 2010 is a good enough start for me.

More of this please

EA didn't say much more on the subject but did mention that it will be multplatform and balls deep awesome.   read

1:05 AM on 12.17.2008

LNL: Voldo is a Smooth Criminal

I've seen a lot of choreographed game dances in my day, but this has to be the most elaborate I've ever seen. It seems Voldo of Soul Calibur has more in common with Michael Jackson then just his love for boys.

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2:05 AM on 11.20.2008

GTA 4 DLC Dated and Discussed

Rockstar will be leaving Niko behind in the upcoming GTA DLC entitled "The Lost and Damned". 360 players will take the roll of Johnny Klebitz a member of the biker gang The Lost (Remember you chased down one of them and killed him for messing around with someones daughter?).

According to Dan Houser "Johnny is a very different character than Niko, with a very different background. I can't go into too much detail on the story, because we try not to give away too much plot before the game is released. But I can say that the story will show yo.u a different side of Liberty City."

No price has been announced yet (gaming insiders are predicting $15-$20), but the DLC is slated to come out on Feb. 17 (Winter 2008 my ass) so you have plenty of time to start saving up penny's

USA Today   read

4:41 AM on 11.19.2008

Greatest DS game ever

Forget Chrono Trigger DS. Screw Phoenix Wright and Hotel Dusk. Throw away Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents because a truly innovative game is finally coming out on the DS. I had heard rumors that I cautiously filed under "To good to be true" but today the rumors were confirmed and the greatest franchise of all time is coming to DS' everywhere.


Sauté!   read

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