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ArrestedDeveloper avatar 10:31 PM on 09.06.2007  (server time)
Play Magazine Fails: Shallow depth exposť

There are two things that Destructoid is well known for. The first is ass to mouth, Ron Workman invented it, no one disputes that. But only slightly less well-known is this: in-depth investigative reporting. Recently Play magazine gave Lair a 90% while most other gaming publications gave it 50%-60%, and with a little digging and number crunching I found out that this wasn't the only title that Play has given an inflated score to. I picked about 20 games, some good, some bad, and made a table showing Play's scores and the general consensus of what score the game deserved (provided by Metacritic and Gamerankings). I think you will find the results interesting. Sorry for all the dashes, making a table on a blog is not as easy as one would think.

Game--------------------Play Magazine-----Metacritic--Gamerankings---Difference

Heavenly Sword----------------100--------------80---------81------------20
Moto GP 2007-----------------95--------------79---------80--------------15
The Darkness------------------90--------------81---------82------------ 9
Just Cause---------------------90--------------73---------72------------17
Saint's Row--------------------90--------------81---------82------------ 8
Ninety-Nine Nights-----------90--------------61---------63------------27
Dragoneer's Aria--------------85--------------62---------66------------21
Bullet Witch-------------------85--------------55---------58------------32
Project Sylpheed--------------85--------------64---------65------------20
Sonic the Hedgehog-----------85--------------45---------46------------40
Tenchu Z------------------------85--------------55---------56------------30
Enchanted Arms----------------80--------------66---------66------------14
Call of Juarez-------------------80--------------71---------72------------ 8
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam-----80--------------59---------59------------21
Ghost Rider----------------------75--------------54---------56------------20

Interesting huh? According to the table, on average, Play magazine gives about 20% more points to games then the rest of the internet. Is my table 100% accurate? Probably not, I'm terrible with math so there is bound to be some mistakes, but on the whole the numbers are correct. And sure I sorted through scores to highlight my point, but from this small sample you can see that there is a pattern. In the end I felt that there needed to be a whistleblower(why the hell isn't the clip with whistleblowing from Arrested Development on youtube!), when there are sick perverts out there giving 85's to Sonic the Hedgehog and Tenchu Z something had to be said.

And now for something completely different.

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