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Arminas's blog

2:06 PM on 04.13.2008

Rammote Vids - DK....Donkey Kong & Remembering the 80s

A collection of random videos I found on the net. Updated daily (if I'm not lazy). Warcraft: The Rap So much purple on you'd think my name was grimace. This one is old, but still funny. Mario Kart Wii Unboxing The wheel...   read

11:37 PM on 04.12.2008

Rammote Vids - Mario Kart and Resistance 2

Mario Kart Wii - Mario Circuit Some video of Yoshi running around on Mario Circuit. Shows off a few of the weapons in the game. Resistance 2 Teaser Trailer Is the new Resistance set closer to present day? Looks much more...   read

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