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2:06 PM on 04.13.2008

Rammote Vids - DK....Donkey Kong & Remembering the 80s

A collection of random videos I found on the net. Updated daily (if I'm not lazy).

Warcraft: The Rap
So much purple on you'd think my name was grimace. This one is old, but still funny.


Mario Kart Wii Unboxing
The wheel looks interesting. And by interesting I mean, whonky and hard to use. At least it fits in with the style of the other 500 Wii accessories I own. Also, wasn't there some move you couldn't perform if you don't use the wheel/wiimote combo? *cries*


Gameplayers Tapes!
Omg. Does anyone remember these "cheat and tip" videos from the 80s? This guy has a bunch of them in his profile.


GTA IV Intro
Real or not, does anyone care? This game is severely overdue... I'll probably still be playing Mario Kart when it's released, but the story-line looks interesting. *from Kotaku*


CoD 4 Harassment *NSFW*
Warning - Not safe for work, home, the beach, a farm, or even the Arkham Asylum. This is the reason I have "friends only" on voice communication on Xbox Live. I seriously don't think I'd enjoy CoD 4 otherwise. It's sad really. Most team games beg for voice communication, but a lot of people (like myself) can't stand the idiocy that goes around on this service.


DK Rap Dub
Wow.... I never played the N64 version of this. Anyone have an opinion on the game? I may pick it up some time if it's worth the $10 price. It's hard to tell with some of the 64 era games. I loved Star Fox 64, but Yoshi's Story and Kirby still leave a bad taste in my mouth


Mario Kart Wii WiFi w/ a Mii Rider
The name says it all.


New Star Wars Clone Wars Trailer Leaked
Couldn't get an embed, but here you go. Not sure on this one. I try to pretend that the prequels didn't happen so that I can still enjoy the original movies. I prefer not to destroy my vision of one of the best villains in movie history.

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11:37 PM on 04.12.2008

Rammote Vids - Mario Kart and Resistance 2

Mario Kart Wii - Mario Circuit
Some video of Yoshi running around on Mario Circuit. Shows off a few of the weapons in the game.


Resistance 2 Teaser Trailer
Is the new Resistance set closer to present day? Looks much more sci-fi than the original. I suppose we'll find out in June.


Valhalla Knights 2 Trailer
For those that liked the original PSP game, here's the Japanese trailer for the new RPG. It's pretty if nothing else. And the character system looks interesting.


Wolfenstein 3D on a Sidekick
Actually, I wouldn't mind playing this on my iPhone.

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