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2:56 PM on 10.16.2008

Video Says it all

GOTY 09 possibly

Just looking on youtube recently and noticed this.
Thought it looked pretty cool, but what do i know.

games im looking foward too, because i know you want to know.

Fable 2
Bioshock ps3
Guitar Hero World Tour
Fallout Three
Gears of War 2
Lancer.. not a game but still a chainsaw gun.
Need For Speed: Undercover

I think its coming out September 23.
first official day of fall, plus at e3 when they showed it off it featured lego batman.
A weird choice to showcase the new update...
Lego batman also comes out the 23 and major nelson has a video showcasing the "Xii's" or
as they say "Avatars"

if you haven't seen his video here it is

9:49 PM on 09.18.2008

What do you think would happen to the old and/or new gen consoles had the dreamcast
had a dvd drive and Ethernet(flaws it had off the top of my head, im sure theres more)

I just got an email from then linking to these "special offer"

just in case someones looking for gameboy/color games your in luck, its a 2 for 1 deal....

Im sorry, but who the FUCK plays gameboy/color games anymore? is the GBA to
"advanced" for you? I liked it at the time but this is like 10-ish years later....

Web link

Why Spoil all of the game when its not even coming out this year?!
SONY!!!! do something smart for a change!! (not a fanboy, i have a ps3)
well heres the video, game looks cool. but not for at least 6 month wait