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ArkhamJester avatar 8:43 PM on 05.05.2013  (server time)
For the Modern Age: My introduction

   Go to many a gaming forum and there are two corners. In this corner hailing from the eighties up to the mid to late nineties come the Retro, oft caught pining for the good ol days while consistently sneering and lamenting the deteriorating standards of later generations. in the other corner, straight for the late nineties to the present day come the Modern, who believe that gaming has evolved and improved upon the old, all the while wondering just how nostalgia blind the Retro are. 

   What can these two seemingly, and foolishly, opposing forces have in common? They believe that gaming, as well as gamings business practices, has degenerated into sodom and needs to be cleansed with fire. (the fire in this case being a crash) So I've decided to do what mere millions of bloggers have already done. Begin looking at retro and modern games and see for myself just how nostalgia blind and just how deteriorated the the Retro Modern's standards are.

That bit of nonsense out of the way. Hello, I am the Arkham Jester, while many people will talk your ear off about retro games, I find that not a lot of them go into great detail about games that either weren't from their childhood or already heavily celebrated, like Half life or Baldurs Gate, especially about their stories and art direction. Now that isn't o say I won't talk about modern games, it just is that when the latest AAA title comes out it gets more or less picked clean by the many gaming pundits, so unless I feel like I have something to add, expect me to talk more about lower key releases, like the recent Shin Megami Tensei Soul Hackers. Alright with that out of the way I will leave you this.

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