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ArigusX207 avatar 4:25 PM on 04.08.2010  (server time)
HOLY SHIT IT WORKS or, how I learned to stop worrying and love SupCom 2

I have always had a tumultuous relationship with Supreme Commander. And it all started with Total Annihilation.

Back a bunch of years ago, when SupCom was announced, I couldn't have cared less. I was at an after school orthodontist appointment flipping through magazines waiting to get home and tear open my copy of Halo 2. (This would, then, place the date on Nov 9th, 2004. Funny how we remember the dumbest things)

Then it released. Wow. Bang. My life didn't change a bit.

That is, until about a year ago a friend of mine switched to Mac, and gave me his key to both SupCom and Forged Alliance. I started playing, and it was JUST LIKE TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Except, my laptop started sweating every time I bum rushed the AI with a thousand units.

It really sucks to be my laptop.


That, or they just screwed up. Totally possibly since Demigod and Dungeon Siege didn't have UI issues. I finished the campaign, had a decent grasp on the gameplay, and then realized FA used a different ruleset.

Enter FA. The game starts. The UI is beautiful. My computer, struggling to keep up, says "Awww hell no!"

Even on minimum settings.

And the graphics don't look any better.

I am confused.

So I decide to rent a copy of SupCom on Xbox 360 (which apparently uses some FA rules? I don't know, I played the game for like seven minutes before promptly driving back and returning it claiming the disk didn't work and that I should get a return on my money or rent something different). It performed even worse than on my laptop. And the graphics were pretty subpar.

But, as you might ask, why did that make you so sad? It's just one RTS that you couldn't run well. There are plenty of other fish in the sea!

Well, as I might answer:

1) Total Annihilation was AWESOME and my disk was destroyed in some fit of 7 year old fury I had when I was 7.
2) SpringRTS was AWESOME but it's not made by Chris Taylor, so it doesn't get me excited in my private parts.

Obviously, my PC isn't going to run SupCom 2. So, I hesitantly download the Xbox demo, honestly expecting a failure of Universe at War proportions (let us never speak of that awful game again).

I was happily disappointed in my expectations.

That's a double negative.

I'm really effing happy right now, because:

1) The framerate is good
2) The grapics aren't bad
3) The console controls, though they take some getting used to, actually work.

That's right. I said it. SupCom 2 on the Xbox 360 works really well.

Even though the Unit cap is "only" 250 and multiplayer is restricted to 4 people, it is the version I'll be buying, because it runs (yay!) and is controllable.

That's right, Halo Wars, in your over-simplified FACE!


P.S. I actually liked Halo Wars because it was so simple. I could only half pay attention to the game and still win. Every time. Because I rock. In fact, I'm going to go own some Halo Wars players RIGHT. NOW.

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