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AriesWarlock avatar 2:31 PM on 05.31.2010  (server time)

One of the things I am scared of is losing the progress I make in games. That's why I was glad to know that the Playstation 3 system lets you backup your save files. Unfortunately, developers can make their save files to be "copy-protected", that way they cannot be backed up. Dreadful.

As a fan of action/adventure games, I am very eager to play Bayonetta, but I found out that the save files are copy-protected. I knew this would mean future catastrophe if my PS3 unit ever gets a YLOD. You see, I played a lot of Ninja Gaiden Black on an XBOX 360 - beat the normal, hard, and very hard difficulties. Beat all the missions in Mission Mode in many difficulties, and got all the costumes. I was glad to have overcome such challenges. One day, I was browsing through my save files on the XBOX 360 dashboard, and found out the NGB files could not be copied. I knew this was bad news. As fate would have it, sometime later my XBOX 360 got the RROD. After receiving my unit back from the repair center, I put on my NGB disc to see if my save files are intact, and to my disappointment I get this message:

"Unable to load game settings. They will be rewritten. Press A to continue"

What the hell? As you can guess, all my progress was gone after pressing A. That sucked very much, and it's a reason not being able to backup your save files suck. But let's go back to Bayonetta, and look at a similar case to mine from the Sega forums. Affected user RoNsTaR says:

Well, here you have a recent victim by the locked savegame. Lost a savegame with about 3 million halos (no farming!), all alfheim portals completed and halfway through the hard difficulty with all crows (even the annoying one in the alfheim on hard)... and you guess: ALL LOST CAUSE OF YLOD... and the missing possibility to backup my saves (thank god I backupped everything else the day before, i.e. my 100hour+ RE5 save...)... it was really annoying to play all those alfheims again, well guess it made me a better player since I beat Ultime Climax by now , but really SEGA, this has to be fixed, CAPCOM unexpectly did it and you could as well. Thanks in advance!

This is why I don't want to play the game, invest a lot of time in it, unlock content, and then have it all gone like the wind because developers, apparently, don't have the foresight to see that consoles can fail and it will affect your save files.

So, dear PS3 developers, stop using copy-protected files!! Oh, and Sega, please make another patch for Bayonetta. Thanks.

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