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Archwright avatar 1:41 PM on 02.26.2010  (server time)
We are the the worst fanbase... ever.

We are worse than comic book fans, movie fans, sports fans (except maybe soccer).

It is important to remember that they (the game creators) are the ones who's vision is being spun into reality, and we (99% of the players) are the ones stuck in dead-end jobs who use games as an escape.

We have no call to piss on their vision.

I think that these devs are saints. They put up with our crap. We're the worst fans in existence. NFL players and coaches don't have to deal with their fans shit, and as such, the fans give them very little shit.

For example. Even a 'crappy' NFL player will stay on his team because the coaches and owners see something valuable in him, no matter what their fans say. Nintendo, on the other hand, gave an exclusive pre-screening of Smash Brothers Brawl to an elite group of fans. They took the fans suggestions, and implemented them. Then the fans turned around an shat on the game en masse, not a month after it was released.

That little preview probably set back fan-company relations quite a bit. A few years ago, we would get stuffed-to-bursting with game information. Now companies, and Nintendo especially, are utterly tight-lipped about their products.

This nonsense with Sonic just proves the point. Nintendo gave us nothing to go on with Zelda, we still have nothing, and there is no fan outcry. Even though the game has stagnated utterly since it went 3D. SEGA gave us teaser after teaser, and finally gave us a big morsel to 'nom' on, and we throw it away.

We are the worst fanbase... ever.

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