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1:41 PM on 02.26.2010

We are the the worst fanbase... ever.

We are worse than comic book fans, movie fans, sports fans (except maybe soccer).

It is important to remember that they (the game creators) are the ones who's vision is being spun into reality, and we (99% of the players) are the ones stuck in dead-end jobs who use games as an escape.

We have no call to piss on their vision.

I think that these devs are saints. They put up with our crap. We're the worst fans in existence. NFL players and coaches don't have to deal with their fans shit, and as such, the fans give them very little shit.

For example. Even a 'crappy' NFL player will stay on his team because the coaches and owners see something valuable in him, no matter what their fans say. Nintendo, on the other hand, gave an exclusive pre-screening of Smash Brothers Brawl to an elite group of fans. They took the fans suggestions, and implemented them. Then the fans turned around an shat on the game en masse, not a month after it was released.

That little preview probably set back fan-company relations quite a bit. A few years ago, we would get stuffed-to-bursting with game information. Now companies, and Nintendo especially, are utterly tight-lipped about their products.

This nonsense with Sonic just proves the point. Nintendo gave us nothing to go on with Zelda, we still have nothing, and there is no fan outcry. Even though the game has stagnated utterly since it went 3D. SEGA gave us teaser after teaser, and finally gave us a big morsel to 'nom' on, and we throw it away.

We are the worst fanbase... ever.   read

2:13 PM on 02.04.2010

An exerpt from the Diary of Moria Shepard

Visited all of the shops in the only fully functional ward in the Citadel. Whored myself out for advertising. Getting creepy hearing my voice everywhere.

I keep looking over my back expecting to see a horde of angry shopkeepers with shotguns. Perhaps it's a good thing that we don't let anyone have guns on the Citadel anymore.

Maybe this kind of crap is why all the other races are pissed off at us.   read

1:21 PM on 01.29.2010

The Diary of Moira Shepard

The following blogs are written from the perspective of my Mass Effect character, the ruthless colonist known as Moira Shepard. There will probably be no pictures, as I do not have a video capture system attached to the Xbox.

This is an attempt to record the thoughts running through my mind as I play Mass Effect 2. It goes without saying that there are going to be spoilers galore in these posts.

If this blog comes across as too masturbatory, then I'll stop. This is largely for my benefit as a roleplaying aid, and to enrich my experience.


Miranda. The name, then the face. Mechanical beeps. A hospital. I couldn't move. I was trapped.

I wanted to fight. I thought to myself, "If I canjust sit up, I can get out of here. I fought a reaper and won, what can these chumps do against me?"

The anger faded quickly, my last thought was relief. I never thought that I'd see another living soul again. It was good to be wrong, for once.


The familiar sound of battle woke me. Miranda was barking orders over the intercom, but I wasn't listening. I knew what I had to do: find a gun, get off the station.

When I came across the first enemy, I was surprised. It was not a geth, like I expected, but a white mech, clearly of human construction. I extended my arm, and with all of my might and willed it into the air... except I couldn't. My biotic powers were gone. In my rage, I rushed the forward and pistol whipped the damned construct until it stopped moving. I was bleeding, but my wounds healed up almost instantly.

In the spare moment that I'd stolen, I felt my body for my amps. They were missing. Across my whole body, I could feel small metal devices. Cybernetics had brought me back to life and were keeping me alive.

When I looked around to get my bearings, I looked back at the door to my room. I'd covered 10 meters quicker than the human eye could blink. I smiled despite of myself. I was back, and better than ever.

After a few quick-and-dirty firefight, I met Jacob. I pegged him for a marine the instant I saw him. We had a nice chat about what the hell was going on while we were ducked behind cover. Nice kid. Too bad he'll probably end up dead like every other idealist I've known. He reminded me of Kaiden, which was uplifting and depressing all at once.

I saved who I could getting out. A sum total of one person. Miranda blew him away the instant she saw him. Figures. The only reason I didn't kill her then and there was because she offered answers. I needed answers.


The Illusive Man was every bit as pompous and egotistical as I'd expected. A modern Dr. Frankenstein. Unlike the doctor in the old story, this one had a purpose for me: Stop the Collectors, stop the Reapers.

How hard could it be to save the galaxy? I'd already done it one.


Ok, that was the first draft. I'll edit it later.   read

9:19 AM on 06.05.2009

What is the plot in "Metroid: Other M"?

By now, I'm sure that many of us Metroid fans are speculating wildly about the finer points of Metroid: Other M. If you've been living under a rock this E3, Metroid: Other M is a new Metroid game by Team Ninja (the Dead-Or-Alive people). The game trailer looks promising, and all the fans are elated.

There have already been speculations about the release date of the game. Some say that 03/25/2010 is the perspective release date, since the HUD read 3 life, 25 missiles, and a big 2010 at the end of the trailer. I am not here to speculate about that.

I'm here to talk about plot. I believe that this game is "yet another reboot" in the growing trend of series reboots. The very presence of Huston and Cpt. Adam Malkovich seem to indicate a pre Metroid 1/Zero Mission setting. Many of the visuals in the plot cut scenes seem to be inspired by the Metroid Fusion Manga. While this manga was never released in America, fan-translated versions are available for the enterprising Metroid researcher.

When I watched the trailer most recently, I noticed that the scenery in the beginning matched the architecture of the Federation Capital. Adam looks like he was lifted right out of the Manga as well.

The biggest no-brainier is that this game will involve the Mother Brain in some fashion. She appears in the trailer. I think her role will be considerable, since Other M anagrams to Mother. Below is my theoretical plot summary, which contains spoilers revealed in the Fusion manga.
The Mother Brain begins life as an entity friendly to the Chozo. It's purpose is to act as a control system to the dangerous guard-dogs of the Chozo known as Metroid. Samus starts the game at in her late teens/early twenties, acting as liaison to the Federation Military/Police.

Unbeknown to her, the Chozo are preparing a colony ship out to SR-388 from Zebes. This colony vessel is stuffed to the gills with Metroid. The intent is to let the genetically engineered life-sucking super-predators colonize on SR-388 in order to kill the X-Parasite, and make SR-388 'safe'. (Or at least make the galaxy safe from the X that live on SR-388).

Samus goes on some missions for the Federation. A few hours into the game, the Federation receives a distress signal from Zebes stating that it has come under attack from the Space Pirates. Reports show Space Pirates and Metroid making short work of the Chozo. They are on a genocide mission. The Federation decides the best course of action is to blow Zebes up. Eliminate the Pirates before they can gain a foothold, corrupt the advanced Chozo technology, and export the Metroid.

Samus is sent on a last-ditch effort to find survivors of the Chozo, to aid in their evacuation, and neutralize the Metroid threat. She only has a handful of hours to do this, before Zebes and every living soul on it is Atomized in the interest of Galactic security.

It'll be no small task. The Space Pirates are entrenched. The Chozo are dead. The Mother Brain has turned from a peaceful Metroid manager, into a vicious entity with aspirations of Galactic domination.

In short. Other M = Mother = Mother Brain. This game is about the origin of the Mother Brain.

So.. it looks like this game is actually set between Super and Fusion. That really kills my whole notion of the Metroid canon. But, oh well... the Metroid writers seem to replace the "finer" details whole-cloth when it is convenient. Large portions of my theory still stand... more or less. At least my final statement still stands. This game centers around the Mother Brain. (Were the ones in Metroid and Super Metroid clones? The mystery continues.)   read

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