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Arch649's blog

8:56 PM on 08.13.2012

Let's All Just Take a Deep Breath . . . OK

I love video games. I visit Destructoid regularly to participate in a community that also likes video games. We blog about them, we play them online together, Dtoid is a hub for folks all around the world to share their lov...   read

9:25 PM on 05.02.2012

It's Been a While: 10 Things About Arch649

It's been slightly over a year since my last C-blog and I'd like to get back into the community in some way. I've been really busy with work, among other stuff. I saw a few folks post these "10 things about [insert name here]...   read

9:04 PM on 04.29.2011

Aaamaazing!: To Crush at Your Will, My Emperor.

People have argued over the years over the validity of PC games. Supporters of PC gaming champion the technical proficiency and mod support while detractors will complain about the price of entry and the numerous bugs assoc...   read

5:40 PM on 03.03.2011

Technical Difficulties: Luck should never be a factor (and other stuff)

There is nothing inherently wrong with a game being too hard (or too easy for that matter). Some people like to breeze through a game casually to experience all the content and other gamers like a brutal challenge. There ar...   read

2:35 AM on 02.26.2011

Groundhog Day: The same ol' journey (and why I love taking it)

Many folks believe a game's value is based on its length. In many ways I agree with them, the amount of time you invest in a game should be worth the price you paid for it. I however, only agree with this sentiment on the m...   read

2:18 PM on 02.07.2011

Top 10 most influential games of this generation. (#1)

HERE WE ARE #1. Whether you love it or hate it. You can't deny that Wii Sports, not only, opened the industry to a whole new demographic, but also showed a revolutionary way to play video games. The motion controls worked ...   read

12:03 PM on 01.13.2011

Top 10 most influential games of this generation. (#2)

I has been a while since I've started this. But I've got two left and goddammit I'm gonna finish them. I apologize for it taking so long. Every generation has THAT game. The one where all the standards of game design are m...   read

1:24 PM on 11.17.2010

Top 10 most influential games of this generation. (#3)

Video games have come a long way since the early days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Graphics, sound, game design, controllers have all evolved significantly. With that natural evolution comes the warm fuzzy nostalgi...   read

1:43 PM on 11.11.2010

Top 10 most influential games of this generation. (#4)

Over the years Call of Duty has been known for a few things. Epic single-player, brutally tough difficulty, and authentic World War 2 battles, and a sharp multiplayer. But in the end of 2007, Infinity Ward made some big cha...   read

2:57 PM on 11.10.2010

Top 10 most influential games of this generation. (#5)

[NOTE] Finally another entry into this series. I made a #6 entry a few weeks ago but was lost when Dtoid went back to the old motif. I'd like to get that back please kthnxbai. BTW #6 was The Orange Box. There is an "indie"...   read

3:33 PM on 10.08.2010

Top 10 most influential games of this generation. (#7)

I'm sorry about the long wait. I've been rearranging this list because I've replaced one game with another and refined the actual countdown itself. I apologize. Where would the music game genre be without Rock Band? Since ...   read

10:04 PM on 09.23.2010

Top 10 most influential games of this generation. (#8)

Video games evolve quickly (all technology does actually). We've seen genres branch off and mesh together hundreds of times before. As much as games designs evolve and expand, there are plenty of older design philosophies t...   read

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