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4:58 PM on 03.28.2008

Parents blame the videogame, I blame the parents

Lately I been hearing about parents blaming all kind of technology that kids use , like internet ,mp3 player and videogames. And am getting tired of that.

Parents just decide to blame a videogame for his kid getting aggressive or less sensitive to human pain , they try to censor the games so everything they play be violence or sex free, hey is ok you want to protect your kids from that but thatís not the way , and they still dare to demand the game company because of that or even make protests.

Well hello parents you bought the game for your kid and didnít pay attention to what eh was playing and now that you se what eh was playing you decided to blame someone else of your mistake, parents should sit and see what they kids are doing , stop complaining and do something about it because all education starts in the house and if youíre not there to educate them the videogame or the tv will do it .

Thatís why is said that Nintendo is for kids, parents should just get the Mario games for theyíre kids and donít buy a xbox 360, a psp , or a play station 3. And the violence in the game is not the thing that makes a kid more aggressive parents should teach the difference between real life from a video game or tv show to theyíre kids, because hey I grew up playing resident evil and silent hill and am not a person that gets a lot into fights or grab a gun and run around to the grand thief auto stile( but still I enjoy hitting a monster with a crowbar until it dies on a videogame or just kill someone with a sniper rifle with a head shoot).

Well I just wanted to take that off my mind ,I know this theme has been way to discuss, thank you for reading.   read

5:03 PM on 03.27.2008

My Sims for Nintendo DS = Animal crossing?

Am a fan of all the Sims games specially for pc, so when I got my DS I was thinking about getting my Sims, or the Sims castaway , I end up getting my Sims because my cousin has the Sims castaway I honestly felt like the Sims cast away was a small ďpreviewĒ of what the real Sims castaway for pc is, still the game is good and I had a lot of fun going around the island using the same bush that I harvest like a restroom.

When I started playing My Sims I was expecting the typical sim that gets depressed when they donít have all the moods in green or at least listen to the Sims language every time they had a conversation and try to find out what theyíre saying by small images in conversation balloons , but this game is nothing like the typical Sims and you only listen to a few Sims words when you finish cheering up someone.

The game is basically being the host of a town , you HAVE to be friends with everyone (and the funny thing about playing Sims is that they can get to hate someone even wish to see that person dead) and your sim lacks of personality the only way you can give youíre sim some personality is with clothes, you have a few mini games and cool stuff, but nothing like The Sims, Donít get me wrong I like the game but am disappointed when I just find out that the game is like plating animal crossing without the animals, from the moment you start playing you get this feeling that youíre playing animal crossing , the faces are exactly the same as animal crossing.

I donít know how is My Sims for Nintendo Wii, but am sure that the Version for DS(like most of the versions for DS) is a small preview of the actual game.   read

11:54 AM on 03.27.2008

Gamer girls? :yeah it happens get over it.

omg ty 4 the warm welcome , i hope you guys donít end up hating me.

so yeah i think the title says everything.
I was thinking about that because a friend was questioning me if someone bothers me wen i play wow, with things like :"youíre a girl ,you cant play" , but actually no and i actually know a lot of girls that play videogames.
well I started to play videogames when i was like 6 years old, my brother didnít wanted to let me play because i was a girl and i was to little but i didnít care i just hide to play ;so i finally got all addicted to the games when i played super Mario 3 and Mario paint, then with the Sega sonic was like wow!! sonic!! haha, and the old Mario kart , Mario party, golden night oh well you guys know, then when i played final fantasy 7 and parasite eve i had to definitely keep playing , oh omg so many good games in the playstation like resident evil and silent hill, metal gear solid(omg megaman legends<3). also i remember my brother got the dreamcast and we had the sonic game it was awesome i played that game a lot and resident evil code veronica , crazy taxi and yeah well i just loved to play.
am kind of get used to people saying stuff like im a tomboy just because i like video games ,Or the people that says im too old to keep playing, haha but well is exactly the same 4 girls that 4 guys to play video games but i donít know why guys still are like "omg she's playing halo let's kill the girl plating halo" and then the girl kills someone in halo and everyone is like "lol you got killed by a girl" , like honestly that's so stupid.
or there's the typical girl that is always bitching about other girls playing video games because "she's more hardcore than her" (and she actually is an attention whore because you know some guys sometimes just love a gril because they like videogames) i actually had a horrible experience with two gamer girls idk why they hated me , but daaaamn girls can be really aggressive. i usually try to make friend with them but some bitches are just crazy so i mark my line with them ,sometimes i actually have to say that im a boy when playing so those kind of grils donít pay attention to me (a good example of a attention gamer girl whore are the ones that play halo , they make everything to get noticed , they even use the mic jus to show guys that there's a girl in the house and her master chief is PINK with a KISS logo and were not even playing red vs. blue and the only thing she says is how she likes walks on the beach) , or when is not online like when you know them in person is easier to avoid them "just-donít-say-you- play".
but donít get me wrong maybe is just me because i cant really make to much female friends XD and the few gamer girls that are my friends think exactly the same about attention whores " is useless to discuss or talk with them, those girls always think youíre jealous because you want more attention".   read

7:06 AM on 03.27.2008

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

so hi im Apple
Ron Workman told me to come here. Also I am Ron's stickam girlfriend, and he has my baby in him(lol).
I like all kind of games and i love my pink DS
i think nintento is for kids.
and if the game is good i dont really care the console.
ok i must say i refuse to play dmc , sport games and games related to a tv show or movie.
i play :
any resident evil , silent hill,metal gear soild, the sims,animal crossing,cod4, final fantasy,halo (i only play halo 1 and 2),folklore,fatal frame,pokemon ,harvest moon,true crime,ninja gaiden, metal slug, ligui's mansion,ddr, rganarok, wow. and blah blah blah a lot of games.
ok see ya!

[embed]77321:9669[/embed]   read

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