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Apple avatar 12:28 PM on 07.01.2008  (server time)
When a gamers community goes wrong

So when I strated talking to people who likes videogames just like me on the hating machine AKA: “internet” , I was very amused and open minded about all the people like a innocent kid .

I started going to a chatroom on stickam named 4beatgamers , a chatroom dedicated to people who likes videogames , everything nice , people is cool they actually like games
They actually talk about it and still show some mental health and at that moment were proving me that not all gamers are socially retarded.

I stopped going for like a month because my computer wasn’t working, when I go back the chatroom host tells me that there was a huge drama involving this naked gamer girl (she found very pleasing to show her boobs on the chatroom and her … everything to perfect strangers to get attention) hating me out of nowhere.

Then all this girls and boys started joining the “gamers “ community , most of them called themselves gamers just because -they played DDR- (I know is stupid but they were welcomed) some of them loved discussing about the typical console war and regular stuff, but most of them were just gamers obsessed whit making a girl show them her goodies because they were super get used to the other girl showing everything .

I started to have think that any girl that put her face on the camera will be manipulated until she will accept the inevitable faith of being a camwhore, of curse not all the girls were like that the ones whit enough self respect and healthy social life and mind did not do it ( I did not do it if you are wondering) , but o be honest 80% of the girls did it and most of them more than 3 times.

Oh yeah right at that moment the guys were having a ball because of the naïve girls going to the chatroom then every day there was a new girl doing what a girl usually does on that chatroom , and I was a mod in the chatroom but I never kicked those girls , they were actually doing me a favor by doing the job that I am not interested in doing.

So then everything became so personal and obsessing in that chatroom and most of the people forgot about the main idea that was making a working community of gamers .

Thank you destructoid for not loosing track.

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