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Apple avatar 9:24 PM on 04.03.2008  (server time)
The Wings of love- a real life gamer stalker story.

Well after my mind was kind of distracted with wow and naruto stickam raiding, I started to remember all the videogames conventions that I been to and the people from those conventions.

I was the typical nerd that wanted to buy everything and trade videogames and when I saw the cosplay show I was like so into make some cosplay ,so for the next convention I cosplayed rinoa from ff8 that was my very first cosplay(I was 16) and a freak just decided to ruin my experience.

So like in every convention people wants to take pictures of your costume or just take a picture with you ,I have no idea why. I mean you get to appreciate the costume more when is the cosplayer by himself in the picture.

there was kind of like a line to take pictures with me and one of the guys taking a picture with me was non stop talking ,asking me if I played ff8 and telling me how much he liked the game that wasnít the annoying thing, the annoying thing is that he was grabbing my waist really thigh while talking and the stupid camera wasnít working!, people was making faces at him like ďomg give up!Ē.

Finally the camera worked and I got rid of him , well thatís what I though the truth is that he was following me all the convention and actually knew one of my friends from high school and that stupid bastard told him in witch classroom I was and all the information possible , so poof* instant stalker!

So one day when I was getting to high school he was outside and he waved his hand at me and well I just waved back because I had no idea who it was but am not good remembering people so I was kind of get used to that ,but he didnít stay there sitting like usually people does when they wave at me,he actually stand up and come talk to me I was like ďoh fuck I donít even remember this guyĒ.

So when he told me who he was I was like how the fuck he knew I was on this high school and also how the fuck he knew at what time!?
So I just asked him really nicely how he knew and he said ďoh your friend Aaron told me ď yeah Aaron was so dead for me in that moment , the name of the stalker was Rodrigo and eh was 29 years old eh didnít told me, and eh actually didnít looked 29, witch it really scared me.

I donít know why the fuck I was such a friendly person when I was 16 and I didnít wanted to be mean to him and told him to stay away from me when I should.

He started going everyday to my high school and actually started talking to my friends , giving me strange gifts with poems every one of them related to ff8 like : a poster of squall ,a strange draw pretending to be an evangelion poster that I wanted ,he just decided to draw it because eh couldnít buy it , a very strange figure of squall and rinoa hugging made with color silicone and his little sister Barbie dollís hair
In a very heavy wood base with a poem from ff8 .

So I was trying to get rid of him talking him about ďa guy that I likedĒ but he just didnít get it, he just keep talking how he was on jail one time (I didnít even wanted to ask him why), how he was planning to get a nose plastic surgery to look more like squall so we could be squall and rinoa.

And one time he saw me filling some papers for college and decided to copy my phone number from that papers and my e-mail address so I just didnít have him on high school every day and with my friends , now I had e- mails from him everyday and phone calls , but usually when he called I just asked someone else to say that I wasnít home .

He used to call from a public phone so it was easy to avoid , just one time my little cousin was in the house and he loved to answer the phone so he didnít lied about me not being home.
I had to take the call but I lied really fast that I was cooking some soup and hang up , but a half an hour later he called asking how was the soup.

And the most stupid thing that all my friends make me remember is that one time eh broke his leg jumping from a hill , why did eh jumped? well when I asked he answered: ď because I was thinking about you , and I though that if I think about you when I do something dangerous IM INVINSIBLE AND I GET THE WINGS OF LOVEĒ , so yeah all my friends sang me that song that says : ďI believe I can fly , I believe I can touch the skyĒ.

So there he was with a broken leg going to my high school looking for me in a rainy day and I was avoiding him , I asked a friend to pretend be my boyfriend in front of him so when eh talked to me I just made sure that my friend was next to me and eh still didnít care and offered me a gift , a video game and a VIP pass for a videogames convention, of course I didnít take it.

His reaction was calling to my house when I was in class and tell my family that he didnít found me in school not even on my class room , I am so lucky that my aunt drop me that day to high school (because it was mad rainy) so they didnít believed him , I was so angry because he decided to mess with my family so I send him and e-mail telling him how much he sucks and how I was tired of him stalking me, that I destroyed all his presents and that I didnít wanted to be mean at him but that if I see his face again I was not going to be nice at all.
He answered the e- mail saying that he was kind of sad and that no one will ever love me like him.

So he stopped stalking me and I started to be less friendly with people in conventions and stopped waving back at people that I donít remember.

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