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3:49 PM on 07.17.2013

My Passion With Video Games - A Personal Story

With my work with a particular tech blogging website, I rarely write about myself. The only time that it is somewhat of an exception is when I write about my experience reviewing or an impression of a game. So I often get asked, ďSo, what is it that you do?Ē Well aside from holding a part-time retail position at a very well known warehouse chain, I write for a tech website that also likes to showcase games and other forms of entertainment.

Ironically enough, Iíve never gone beyond High School to get a degree from a technical point of view. Not that I never found the value of achieving or pursuing a higher form of education, but it was more along the lines of not finding what I was looking for close by. Back in my younger years, I had a talent in drawing, which I started when I was probably 7 or 8 years old. By then, lots of Japanese anime shows were on, but the one that I grew up with the most was Gundam. Mind you, this was in the early 90s where there was no such thing as Cartoon Network, or any forms of on-demand entertainment. So to jump back close to present time, they really didnít have any classes that addressed Anime or Manga, in a sense. Many art classes I found were more traditional in the sense that they covered art history as an example. While I donít disagree with the necessity of those kinds of classes, it never felt like it was needed to refine my technique. While I do draw from time to time, I was discouraged from pursuing that field mainly because I would be drawing things that werenít my own, which wouldnít have the same kind of emotional connection as expressing how one would draw a heroic character.

So fast-forwarding again to roughly 2012, this where I joined up and started to write with a team of tech bloggers. Since it began as and still is voluntary, I entered in with a review of Star Wars: The Old Republic, which I gave 5 out of 5. At the time, since I had beta tested the game, my experience with the MMORPG was exciting and intriguing, as I came fresh off from the World of Warcraft. Surprising enough, the lead editor at the time found my posting very detailed and liked it very much. Looking back at my first official review, I donít regret giving a perfect score, mainly because it is what I thought it deserved at the time I wrote it, as well as the high hopes surrounding the game. At the same year of my joining, I had the opportunity to visit the San Francisco Game Developers Conference (Which I would return in 2013), as well as the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

You would think that I would be swallowed up in the chaos that ensued from both events, which you wouldnít be wrong about that. However, because of my experience at that particular Warehouse chain, I was able to somewhat have a handle on dealing with the many people on the expo floor, as well as talking to many PR people from the respective companies. Even to this day, my parents are surprised on how much Iíve changed over the years. They can personally vouch for me being a quiet child who always stuck his nose into video games or who was very camera shy in front of strangers and pretty looking women. I still kind of have those traits kick in from time to time, but since getting into this field has changed things for the better. Because I handle my own PR emails, itís great for the PR rep to know that there is a face behind the person who is looking into their product.†

So whatís the reason behind this whole life-story? Well, contrary to the belief, my life isnít glamorous by any means. I still happen to do the part-time gig at a Warehouse along side of voluntarily writing for a website when Iím at home. All expenses that Iíve made in this pursuit have come from funds made from my part-time work. Since I know the ďSo why do it?Ē question is cuing up, Iíll go straight to the point.

I love playing video games. I love the fact that if I really like a game that much, I want to share my experience with someone else, even if they arenít into that game. This is why I like reviewing and writing impressions about various video games. I know out there that someone else is looking into the very same game that I have in my hands and is wondering if they should invest the time and money into that product. As an addition to reviews and impressions, a friend and fellow editor mentioned aside from loving my detailed writing, that with my reviews, he loves how I give off the ďI donít care what anyone thinks about this game, this is my viewĒ sort of expression. Of course I did have to laugh a little about it because itís really not like that at all.

I explain to him that my objective is to give not only my impressions, but my full on emotional experience with the game. If the game sucks, there are going to be many more contributing factors besides visual and mechanical frustrations. But for the most part I understood what he meant by that comment. As even as I write this for Dtoid, while procrastinating on other work I should be doing, I share this with everyone with the perspective of not giving up hope. Not giving up hope on a dream or a passion with the reward of people who enjoy the experience of what you brought. Of course, the hopes and dreams of a well earned payday donít hurt either.   read

3:09 PM on 07.08.2013

For Love Of The Game: Battlefield Vs. Call of Duty Is Irrelevent

Often when a new Battlefield game or Call of Duty game is announced, fires from within both camps tend to flare up about which is better, and also why the other one sucks. This is also the case with the upcoming Battlefield 4, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. As a gamer who has played both franchises dating back from Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare†respectively and a few beyond that, both games have much to offer for players who enjoy military shooters. For example, if you enjoy fast paced Close-Quarter Battles, the Call of Duty games might be your cup of tea, despite having some often ridiculous and crazy maneuvers that you can pull off in-game. If you're the kind of person who enjoys larger, more dynamic environments with vehicles with squadmates, then Battlefield might be the direction you want to lean into.

Despite a brief description on the type of gameplay one would expect in either franchise, this is where the flaming and trolling begins. Ironically, many opinions that are tossed out on the virtual battlefield are very opinionated and have no regards as to an openness about both the good and bad between both franchises, but rather a slew of "this game is better than that because of (insert various reasons here)". While some of those reasons have a thread of truth wrapped around them, at the end of the day, Fictional VGHS Dean Calhoun probably describes it best as its all about the game, regardless.

So really, enjoy either franchise as much as you want, because that's what really matters.   read

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