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Anus Mcphanus avatar 1:31 PM on 05.16.2008  (server time)
The Marvel Vs Capcom Drinking Game

Itís scientific fact that if you want to make nearly anything better all you simply need to do is add alcohol. You name it, dancing, talking to your parents, happy slapping police officers and mildly raping the under age are all activities that are much more entertaining to you and all those involved if you are slightly or very intoxicated with booze and video games are no exception. So without further ado I introduce to you the Marvel Vs Capcom drinking game!

What you will need:
1.)A copy of MvC (obviously) and 2 or 4 controllers. I play with my 3 buddies on the Dreamcast version with a controller each but any version of the game will do and if you only have 2 controllers then you just have to pass the controller to your partner when you swap them in

2.)A method of randomly selecting your characters (I use a hat with slips of paper that contain all the names of the playable characters)

3.)Lots of Booze!!!

This game is designed to be played by at least 4 people although you can have more players and just swap people in and out and the people not playing can referee and keep drinks topped up. Speaking of drinks it doesnít matter what your poison is as you can adjust the rules slightly to accommodate whatever it is youíre drinking. The way I play involves having a primary drink that is weaker and can be drunk in large amounts and over a longer amount of time i.e. beer/cider/mixer/alcopop and a secondary drink that is much stronger i.e. shots and when explaining the rules when I say drink Iím referring to drinking your primary drink. If you prefer you can forget all that and just stick to one drink throughout the whole game whether it be beer or shots but I think itís a bit more fun and chaotic to have different drinks and it also helps you get wasted a bit more easily and letís face it, thatís what counts :-D
If you are under the legal drinking age you can also swap the primary drink with punches to your opponents arm and shots with a slap to your opponents face if you want to get involved..... in fact you donít have to be under the legal drinking age to do this..... once youíre off your face itís an awesome way to keep going without chucking up on your beloved Dreamcast. Also drink responsibly blah blah blah....

Housekeeping Rules

1.) Teams/partners must be chosen randomly. Roll a die, cut a deck of cards or whatever but you canít choose who will be on your team/who you play with.
2.) Characters must also be chosen at random. The way I do this is by having all the characters names in a hat a drawing a name when you start your round.
3.) The players fighting onscreen do not drink. Only their partners/teammates who are currently off screen drink.
4.) When the round is over teams/partners and characters must all be chosen again.

Drinking Rules

1.) If your opponent lands the first attack/hit then you take a shot

2.) Every time your partner performs a super jump you drink (take a swig of your primary drink)

3.) If you partner uses your assist character (pressing medium punch & kick) and your opponent either dodges or blocks the attack then you drink

4.) If your partner gets hit by your opponents assist character you drink

5.) If you swap in your partner (pressing heavy punch & kick) and you opponent blocks their flying kick then you take a shot

6.) If your partner gets hit by an opponents flying kick when they are swapped in then you take a shot

7.) Every time your partner gets successfully thrown by your opponent you take a shot

8.) Every time your opponent performs a tech hit on your partner you take a shot

9.) If your partner gets hit with a super move/hyper combo you have to drink for the same amount of time in seconds as the last number of the combo from the move. E.g. your partner gets hit by a super move that does a 26 hit combo; you then have to drink for 6 seconds. Or your partner gets hit by a super move like Spidermanís maximum spider that does a 07 hit combo or something like that and you then have to drink for 7 seconds.

10.) If your opponent blocks a super move then you take a shot

11.) If your opponent performs a crossover super move (when both characters/partners are on screen at the same time in real time with infinite super moves) then you drink until the move is over but if your partner counters with a crossover super move of your/his own then you donít drink as you are on screen and hopefully kicking arse! During a crossover super move no one in your team has to drink

and finally remember that it's not the winning or losing or even the taking part that counts but how drunk you get that counts :D

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