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Anus Mcphanus avatar 1:24 PM on 06.07.2010  (server time)
Meet the BritToid Cast – Anus Mcphanus

Real Name
Dan Seto

Date I signed up to Dtoid
3rd February 2008 (I was a lurker since just before the “World Famous” days but didn’t join the site for ages because I’m a wanker)

How I discovered Dtoid
I was looking for some fap material and generally wasting time as a student browsing through the links on and at the time Dtoid had a lot of articles cropping up there. I read every one of them and loved the gonzo style and humour of the site. Where else could you see a front page post about phallic objects found in the original Rainbow Six: Vegas, the Finnish PS3 porn launch or video games and porn? I’ve been checking the site out daily ever since.

History with Dtoid
There were two reasons that finally pushed me into signing up to Dtoid:

1.) Friday Night Fights
Not many people know this but I created the EU FNF. At the time, I didn’t really play much online but I wanted to since it was all the rage after the release of Halo 3 and Modern Warfare 1. So I created an account and tried to organise a FNF for us Europeans since the US was set up and I was jealous because I couldn’t stay up that late to take part. Of course being fresh meat meant that I was mostly ignored. The original line up for the first EU FNF consisted of myself, Wardrox, Justice, Gemsi, Orange Goblin and Brad Drac. Seeing as the EU FNF wasn’t really being noticed Wardrox took control of hosting and promoting it as he was/is well known in the Dtoid community and hence the EU FNF was established.

2.) live
Before the Eurogamer Expo we’ve never had a good games event in the UK. live looked set to change that and I wanted to go. The problem is that none of my non Dtoid friends are big gamers and weren’t interested in going. So I wrote a C-blog asking who wanted to go and in no time we had a pretty decent sized group going. It’s just a shame the event was bollocks and over half the games that were supposed to be there were not. At the very least we got an exclusive first look at Far Cry 2 and um....Haze.....yeah..... oh and we managed to play Rock Band for the first time in the UK, only about 4 months after its release in the US and 2 months before its general release in Europe.

On the plus side you could say that this event was where Dtoid UK was born, although it pretty much stayed dormant until Hollie took charge last October and turn it into a proper community we can all be proud of. If you live in the UK you seriously need to sign up. You will not regret it!

Random bits of crap about me
I am sometimes known as “the (small) Asian one” in Dtoid UK.

Even though by blood I am 100% Chinese, I was born and bred in Newport, South Wales and so I consider myself Welsh/British.

Apparently I am known to drop my trousers.

I am a bit of a Rock Band whore (I own an Ion drum rocker with an extra cymbal, 6 guitars (both Rock Band and Guitar Hero ones), all the Rock Band games, most Guitar Hero games and have spent probably over £100 on DLC).

I beat Nintendo Official Magazine’s best time on the Death Race mode on F-Zero X on the N64.

I enjoy the small things in life such as long walks along the beach and punching small children in the back of the head

Between me and my brother, we have owned all major consoles since the NES except the Master System and Game Gear. I even own a Neo Geo Pocket Colour.

I love Dtoid and being an active member of Dtoid UK has been one of the best things I've ever done in my life ever!

I pronounce scone like cone with an S at the front and not like con with an S on the front.

Like all Asians, when using an abacus I have been known to do sums faster than a calculator.

Despite being 24 years old, I sometimes still get asked for ID for 15 rated games and films. I almost always get ID when buying alcohol and 18 rated stuff.

If you so desire you can follow me on Twitter

Thank you for supporting BritToid. I love you.

Also cocks

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