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Tony's the name, and i can game. Or i also go by Anthony and on the net as Antwhan.

Catch me and my semi-frequent ramblings on Twitter

I make movies and am trying to break into the film industry. Maybe one day I'll be able to adapt a game or an anime for that matter to film successfully. Who knows.

I'm attempting to become involved w/ the d-toid community more. because it's such an awesome one. and also working on College stuff here @ Penn State.

First system i ever had was a Genesis, which i still play Sonic 2 on once in a while. But the PS1 is gathering dust w/ the ddr pads for it. The GameBoy Color was the first system that I played nonstop, Specifically Pokemon Red, Tetris, and Kirby's Dream Land 2.

Currently Rocking a 360 and a Wii, and some PC games that run on Mac, because I needed the Mac for my film major here at college.

I enjoy a good rpg and platformers, and arcade style racing/sports games. Also have been caught playing Shooters of the First and Third Person Variety.

Thanks for reading this you you did, and Rock On! I hope to meet fellow D-Toiders in the future somewhere in person.
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9:38 PM on 04.20.2010

But for M.Bison.

While there's been quite a few great Musings this month, and I've been posting all about Movies for the past while i figure it's about time to show that I'm not just a Film geek stuck on a Gamer's Website.

Due to the huge nostalgia blast from the past that is Pokémon Soul SIlver, and one of my bro Genki-Jam's articles from over at DamnLag, I'm reminded of one of Pokémon's more interesting entries: Colosseum

It wasn't the epic expansive story based Pokémon game we clamored for, but damn if it didn't try to be. Let's enter the arena, or should i say Colosseum!

Pokémon Colosseum fits into an odd mold you can say. As anyone who has played Pokémon knows, back on the N64 we were able to hook up our pokémon to battle with them on the big screen. Many people expected something to come eventually letting us battle with the new, abet somewhat lackluster by comparison 3rd Generation of games, on the screen in a similar manner. Nintendo had bigger plans though.

It had all the on TV battling that Stadiums 1 and 2 had but it had something more too. An Actual Adventure as well. This would mark the first 3D Pokémon adventure ever, and it wasn't quite what we all expected of such a step. This is where perhaps some of the more interesting additions to the world of pokémon would ever be introduced.

Instead of choosing our starters, we're given 2, Espeon and Umbreon. And all the fights were 2 v 2, One of the 3rd generation's new addition to the game mechanics. This way of battling basically gave rise to new moves as well as opening the landscapes to new styles of battling.

Along with that, we couldn't just find wild pokémon to catch either in the wild like we used to be able to. Now there was a new and different way. "Snagging them." This was near the same way except it involved stealing Pokémon from other trainers. Now sadly we couldn't just snag any old pokémon from trainers. We would be no better than the newest Evil Team in the Pokémon realm,Team Snagem. (Subtle I Know...)

So what can we Snag? Well Shadow Pokémon of Course! You used the fancy "Snagging" machine on your arm which converted any Pokéball into a Snag ball, capable of taking the other trainers' Pokémon. These Snagged Pokémon had a unique move but were unable to level up until "Purified," Where they got back the earned experience, attacks and other shenanigans.

To go along with all these snagging and double Battling shenanigans, we had a serviceable story that shook up the formula just enough to be different, if still feeling familiar. With no gyms, no wilds, and just a story to carry the game, it's probably the most streamlined Pokémon game ever made too.

The Story isn't too deep, but it isn't bad by any true means. You're character Wes (Oldest playable character too btw) was teamed up with a Girl who could sense the Shadow Auras of the Shadow Pokémon to take down his former comrades in Team Snagem. Fairly straight forward, and not super memorable, aside from 2 other things.

1 The bitchin ass Hog you used to get from Place to Place, in place of routes. Which did shrink the world to not many locales at all, leaving little to no exploration

and 2...

Miror B.

He had his one theme music and even summoned it when the battle began by yelling, "Let the Music Play!"

Just listen to the awesomeness of his music here:

He even appeared in the Sequel with even more awesome music to boot, this time more funky:

anyway back to Colosseum...

It may not have been the epic Pokémon fans clamored for from a true Console Pokémon Game, but it was a truly Solid Effort and I loved it, in spite of the weak story, and the very limited world...

It also brought us some disturbing fanart like this:

And that alone might have been effort enough
Photo Photo Photo

Welcome back the the Trailer Park and this time it's a doozy.

I can't intro this to prepare you all properly for this So just watch the Trailer and see what may Challenge THE ROOM as the most amazingly awful movie ever made.

The trailer has so much going on that to take it apart would be a feat unto itself. Nearly Every line is quote worthy, not to mention at the halfway point we get the epic song start up....


The so amazingly awful birds just plastered on frames, it's just pure glory everywhere
Most of it defies true description, though if you like THE ROOM, Tim And Eric, SYFY Channel Original Movies, then this is a must see i guarantee it.

Here's the Movie's screening list, perfect for NARPing:

and be sure to check out the downloads and other factoids happening

Also If you haven't seen THE ROOM, You best should get on that.

Once again it's time for TRAILER PARK GEMS!

This issue we've only got a single trailer but if you aren't Laughing I'll Eat my hat.

I'm not going to spoil it so watch the video first then read on...

Perhaps the most lulz inducing SYFY original film i've heard of since Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. The
ShiMuNi squad should know how amazing that was. You should catch it if you can. (it's on netflix watch now!)

But seriously we got FLYING GIANT PRIANHAS That are smashing into buildings, taking down choppers, and swallowing up bystanders. A man rapid kicking the flying piranhas away. Gunships firing all over the place.

Not to mention some of the epic catch phases such as "It wasn't an explosion. It wasn't Terrorists. It was Giant Piranha." Delivered in with pitch perfect seriousness. And the epic trailer capping line, Ÿou're fish food!"

I don't know what else i can say about it aside from how this will most defiantly be better than Piranhas 3D coming to Theaters will be.

Here's yet another dose of trailers from the corners of the internet

First off, Human Centipede.

It is what it sounds like. A Demented Surgeon kidnaps people and fuses them ass to mouth to make a human centipede...

let that sink it...

He sews people into a fasion where you are perpetually stuck eating another's shit...

(I threw up a little at the first thought of that)


Look at that Poster. 100% Medically Accurate is one of the taglines...just wow.

I warn you this trailer is sickening in ways I don't think words are appropriate for. They also cocktease the final fusion...

But yes that was appropriate for Easter wasn't it? And the sequel is already green lighted...Yes there is going to be a sequel to this...


Now on to something completely Different and wholesome. NINJAS

But not just any Ninjas. Alien fighting ones.

In what looks like Fudal japan, Aliens crash land and start wreaking havok and it's up to Ninjas to stop them. The Aliens seem a lot like a Mr. Jim Sterling's Favorite Xenomorphs from the trailer at least. Except that they are acting like Predators too... But whatever it looks pretty AWESOME.

Also the studio is called Sushi Typhoon. which has an exploding sushi roll logo

Anyway I'll hope to keep posting trailers and many other Not Video Game related posts inbetween my epic Video Game Related ones.

See you REEL Soon!

Ever wonder what would happen if Jim Sterling's Favorite Xenomorphs wound up in the 100 Acre Wood?

Well now you no longer have to, because someone is far more creative that you and drew a colorful comic depicting such an event!

It's really quite beautiful and feels like a Winnie the Pooh Story, though full of chest bursting goodness!