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Antwhan avatar 3:03 PM on 02.04.2011  (server time)
Pokemon 4th Gen Send Off Tournament Extravaganza!

[size=9]I made this banner for the new site, and planned this tournament for it way back then/size]

So as we are all aware of, Pokemon's making a leap into the future soon adding 156 new ones and changing the game up the most in a long time. And as with all generation jumps, we have to leave other games behind.

Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum brought us a new land full of new pokemon, along with giving new life on old pokemon and even introducing the biggest change to pokemon fighting in ages with the physical/special attack split. For those who haven't played any of the 4th Generation games, all moves gained a new property special attacks like Hyper Beam, Surf, Fire Blast, Psychic, and so on did special attack damage and moves involving physical objects like Mega Punch, Hi Jump Kick, and the elemental Punches used Attack for damage. It gave new leases on life to many pokemon and changed up how many pokemon were used. The new land brought God-Equivalent pokemon into the mix with an equally outlandish evil team as well.

However the more things change, the more they stay the same. We also got the long rumored, clamored for remakes/re-imaginings of Gold and Silver with Heart Gold and Soul Silver. it brought us back to Johto and Kanto with arguable the most complete Pokemon games ever made.

And now we sit on the edge of a new land. One where ties to the old are cut off(till the end at least) and we get the rebirth Pokemon might have needed to get the haters off it's back. Or not.

To celebrate the solid generation we had, and to ring in the new one, I'm hosting a tournament open to all! You have a week to sign up in the forum thread (linked here) so I can keep things in order.


*Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver games required to play.

*Teams of 6, 2/2/2 tiering. For those who don't know, these are the generally accepted tier lists for better or worse.

2 from Overused/Borderline

2 from Underused/Borderline

2 from Neverused

(You canít have more than 2 Borderline pokemon)Ö

*No Blatantly Hacked Pokemon.

*You can hold items, but only one of each.

*Battles will be scaled to 100 since we can do that over wifi.

*Battles must be fought either within the week or within a few days depending on how many people sign up.

Yes we do have prizes for the winners:
1st: Lucky Egg and either a shiny or an event Pokemon
2nd/3rd: Item of choice and respective picks of events.

So thatís that. I got busy/lazy and my fault on taking so long to make this post about the tourney, so I want to start it by Next Friday (February 11) so hopefully we can finish it before Black and White come out Worldwide.

Sign up in the forum thread: Here ->

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