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Tony's the name, and i can game. Or i also go by Anthony and on the net as Antwhan.

Catch me and my semi-frequent ramblings on Twitter

I make movies and am trying to break into the film industry. Maybe one day I'll be able to adapt a game or an anime for that matter to film successfully. Who knows.

I'm attempting to become involved w/ the d-toid community more. because it's such an awesome one. and also working on College stuff here @ Penn State.

First system i ever had was a Genesis, which i still play Sonic 2 on once in a while. But the PS1 is gathering dust w/ the ddr pads for it. The GameBoy Color was the first system that I played nonstop, Specifically Pokemon Red, Tetris, and Kirby's Dream Land 2.

Currently Rocking a 360 and a Wii, and some PC games that run on Mac, because I needed the Mac for my film major here at college.

I enjoy a good rpg and platformers, and arcade style racing/sports games. Also have been caught playing Shooters of the First and Third Person Variety.

Thanks for reading this you you did, and Rock On! I hope to meet fellow D-Toiders in the future somewhere in person.
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Serebii has some CoroCoro Scans up showing off new Pokémon Black and White info and Pokémon as well.

Let's See a few shall we.

Gear - Wait that's his Japanese Name...really? Well that at least translates easily. Its 2/3 of a Gearmon.

Mamepato - A Baby Pigeon - Doing his Best Farfetch'd Impersonation it seems. The Pidgey of these games I'm Guessing

Hihidaruma - The Flaming...Wait "Flaming?" I would have gone Orangutan but he can be Flaming if you want Nintendo. I do like him, Seems Angry to be Gay and all though.

Chiramii - A Chinchilla - Cute- Love the Goatee he's got going on.

Shimama - The Charged... OK I do Like the look of this Electric Horse. To Counter Ponyta's Girly looks.

Meguroko - OMG DESERT CROCODILE - he's Ground and Dark, meaning he plays it dirty in the sand.

Munna - The dream eater....Wait what. I fear this thing. It's scaring me with that lone eye. It also has a move which makes pokémon float so there's that...but I am afraid of this thing. Seriously.

There's more serious Business going on over at Serebii's front page and 5th Gen Pokémon page, with some news on other things like how there's random battling over wifi now and all combo centers will have the WTC in them... Credit to them having me need to screen cap the images so they are huge now.

( )

So yeah I gotta say that they are looking alright so far to me. I mean it's not like any are overly stylized so much. And aside from Gear who is adorable in a way, they're fairly freshish.

What You guys think of these new mons?
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