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Antwhan avatar 9:50 AM on 05.12.2010  (server time)
5th Generation Pokémon Scans are in. Cue more bitching

I Kid I Kid. Well here's what we've all been waiting for since Sunday, the actual designs of the new pokémon for the 5th Gen along with some info on the trainers and region.

As you can see, we have a grass lizard/peacock thing who's too cool for school.
A Super happy fire pig
and some kind of sad water otter ma-jig.

Let's see how my guesses held up...See my comment back from the [url]]Silhouttes reveal[/url]

Severly lacking in Diving helmet on the water but 2/3 isn't bad.

I like the looks of the grass and fire types. for how i described them above.

Pig means fire boar with tusks hopefully! I smell awesome, also bar-b-que...

Lizard peacock was full of smugness and coolness. Reminding me of Treecko but with more flair!

The Otter thing i hope get's pretty badass when it evolves, because right now it looks sad to be here...

As for the other news, the region seems to be called Isshu at least in Japanese, and is supposedly really far away from the other regions. And we have trainers who are apparently older as well. Maybe signs of an older story? Probably not. But At least they look pretty awesome, with no silly hats to ruin character design. *looks at D/P/P's male and HG/SS's Female*

Here's where i got the info, the trusted Blubapedia for your perusal

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