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Tony's the name, and i can game. Or i also go by Anthony and on the net as Antwhan.

Catch me and my semi-frequent ramblings on Twitter

I make movies and am trying to break into the film industry. Maybe one day I'll be able to adapt a game or an anime for that matter to film successfully. Who knows.

I'm attempting to become involved w/ the d-toid community more. because it's such an awesome one. and also working on College stuff here @ Penn State.

First system i ever had was a Genesis, which i still play Sonic 2 on once in a while. But the PS1 is gathering dust w/ the ddr pads for it. The GameBoy Color was the first system that I played nonstop, Specifically Pokemon Red, Tetris, and Kirby's Dream Land 2.

Currently Rocking a 360 and a Wii, and some PC games that run on Mac, because I needed the Mac for my film major here at college.

I enjoy a good rpg and platformers, and arcade style racing/sports games. Also have been caught playing Shooters of the First and Third Person Variety.

Thanks for reading this you you did, and Rock On! I hope to meet fellow D-Toiders in the future somewhere in person.
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Hey Everybody! My Thesis Film is playing this weekend Sunday evening during the† It's Part of the NJ/NY Short Film Series at 6:15 pm on this coming Sunday, November 17th! If any of you are in the area, I'd love it if you came out to catch the film, alongside some other pieces that should be good fun as well! I worked hard on it with some close friends throughout the last year culminating in May where it Premiered at the Blue and White Film Festival. If you wanna read more about my time with the film, check out my C-Blog over on Flixist!

But for M. Bison

Nothing says a Big release Tuesday without M.Bison. I may not get Mortal Kombat, but Portal 2 is AMAZING, just so you know.

[size=9]I made this banner for the new site, and planned this tournament for it way back then/size]

So as we are all aware of, Pokemon's making a leap into the future soon adding 156 new ones and changing the game up the most in a long time. And as with all generation jumps, we have to leave other games behind.

Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum brought us a new land full of new pokemon, along with giving new life on old pokemon and even introducing the biggest change to pokemon fighting in ages with the physical/special attack split. For those who haven't played any of the 4th Generation games, all moves gained a new property special attacks like Hyper Beam, Surf, Fire Blast, Psychic, and so on did special attack damage and moves involving physical objects like Mega Punch, Hi Jump Kick, and the elemental Punches used Attack for damage. It gave new leases on life to many pokemon and changed up how many pokemon were used. The new land brought God-Equivalent pokemon into the mix with an equally outlandish evil team as well.

However the more things change, the more they stay the same. We also got the long rumored, clamored for remakes/re-imaginings of Gold and Silver with Heart Gold and Soul Silver. it brought us back to Johto and Kanto with arguable the most complete Pokemon games ever made.

And now we sit on the edge of a new land. One where ties to the old are cut off(till the end at least) and we get the rebirth Pokemon might have needed to get the haters off it's back. Or not.

To celebrate the solid generation we had, and to ring in the new one, I'm hosting a tournament open to all! You have a week to sign up in the forum thread (linked here) so I can keep things in order.


*Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver games required to play.

*Teams of 6, 2/2/2 tiering. For those who don't know, these are the generally accepted tier lists for better or worse.

2 from Overused/Borderline

2 from Underused/Borderline

2 from Neverused

(You canít have more than 2 Borderline pokemon)Ö

*No Blatantly Hacked Pokemon.

*You can hold items, but only one of each.

*Battles will be scaled to 100 since we can do that over wifi.

*Battles must be fought either within the week or within a few days depending on how many people sign up.

Yes we do have prizes for the winners:
1st: Lucky Egg and either a shiny or an event Pokemon
2nd/3rd: Item of choice and respective picks of events.

So thatís that. I got busy/lazy and my fault on taking so long to make this post about the tourney, so I want to start it by Next Friday (February 11) so hopefully we can finish it before Black and White come out Worldwide.

Sign up in the forum thread: Here ->

But For M. Bison, It Was Tuesday

(Yes I will Keep Resurecting this whenever an Epic Tuesday appears!)

But For M. Bison, It Was Tuesday

(Yes I will Keep Resurecting this whenever an Epic Tuesday appears!)

So this Pax is coming up and you think all the cool people are going? Sadly you are wrong, Dead wrong infact, you might not know it but you are already so. That sinking creeping feeling that you get when you read something by me? Ya you wonít get that live and in the flesh this year sadly.

SadTony is Sad

However the next best thing is possible. You could be the one to bring a pictorial image of myself with you everywhere you go and itís almost like Iím there. If you arenít convinced already maybe a list will help since thatís the cool thing to do with these now.

The Dtoid Army Twitter List

If I have any claim to fame, itís this. If youíre on Twitter and on Dtoid, you are probably on this list as long as Iím aware of you. I went through all the pages of the Social Networking Forum and added everyone I could to it. Even if you stopped tweeting, and you mentioned you had a twitter, youíre on there. If youíre not on there, well thatís my bad, seeing as you never mentioned it to me anywhere, and youíll be on it in the near future then. So be cool and be on this list if you tweet. - Follow it HERE!

I make Movies

Me working behind the scenes on a Senior's Film, Also chattan with the ladies. They love the hat

Iím not sure how many of you ever watched my films when I linked them here back when I was practically a neophyte in this awesome community but I did. Iím working hard to achieve my dreams of making amazing films that maybe Matt and Jonathan will one day review. Or perhaps Iíll give Modern Methodís unborn Movie site exclusives down the line, so thereís that too.

I'm Pretty Much Awesome

So Much I can do this when I want. Yeah Imagine if i was there with you? I can get it up to 6 at time now..

Iím Gobunís Imitator

Back during Double Down Days (Can we call them that cause I just did) I was trying to Forum with the best of them, the effort failed since I got caught up in school and real life and twitter, but it was a valiant effort the same. I worked to meet Gobunís Double Downing Prowess with my own attempt at it. I downíd 3 of the beasts and earned my title of Gobunís Poser. I wear it proudly.

Iím on Stereotoid (and Stereocast)

Sure Iím fairly new to the crew, but I do my part. I may know next to nothing when it comes to how to play or even the jargon sometimes, but Iím there to bring you the lowdown when things get heady. Also I reviewed the Twilight Soundtrack for you allÖ And Sailor Moon is in my head forever now too thanks to thatÖ So bring me along if only for some retribution

My Avatar is Canti from FLCL.

If you know even a shred about anime, then you know how amazing FLCL is, so much so it won Japanatorís Coveted top spot in the top 50 Anime of the decade(Seen here ). Heís a robot who sprung out of a boyís head after he got hit with a Rickenbacker Bass Guitar by A Pink hairíd girl riding a Vespa. Heís badass wether heís fighting with he bare metallic hands or sweeping up the bakery. He also can turn into a Howitzer. Did I Mention he eatís Naota to be piloted in combat? Yeah Canti is a badass Fire God to say the least. Heís Silent cool and not to mention he flys too.

Pokewalkers are always an important accessory

I sport a classy pokewalker from my Soul Silver version nearly everywhere I go, and now you can almost have me there with you Pokewalking everywhere. Imagine all the watts you would earn if it was a real pokewalker with you and not a picture of me? See how that makes sense? Good.

Moving onÖ

Flim Prowess.

Maybe You Should Check out Zombieland. I dug it alot. So much that i Horded all these posters

While PAX is more about games than say, Comic-Con or something, my knowledge of film is invaluable when you need something to watch when your hands and arms are tired of moving around. Want a great, bad movie? Check the Trailer Park of mine. Or heck you could ask me at any time over twitter about a film if you should see it or not. I know about every single film (*May not know every single film ever)


Because nothing says showstopper like a short guy busting out impromptu Splits. Area of Effect? Wide and Powerful, Capable of Disabling Attackers of the Male Genital Persuasion. Females are attracted to flexible men so bam, gettin yaíll laid too. You could imagine me there and tell tales of my powers, which will surly get you to some metaphorical baseball plate.


Deep Down, I love all you guys. So Much. Itís hard to express that in words. Iím not afraid to meet and near instantly trust any of you in person. (except maybe Gobun while I sleep. Iíve seen the Forum Adventures.) But If anything can be more telling, Most of my time online in the past 6 months, I Havenít spent them with people I know in real life so much as people I knew from here. From Podcasts, to Shimuni to Twitter. You guys have taken over my digital social Life and Iím really hurt I canít make it out there to meet a lot of you in person and give you a hug, or a bro-fist, or what have you. You guys are like a family to me now. And I never wanna give that up, Never gonna let you guys down, Never gonna run around and desert you, Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

So Maybe would one of you kindly Adopt me?
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